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Bob went outside for a walk, he hadn't seen the sun in days. The bright sun forced him to squint as he walked along the sidewalk. Few cars passed by him as he explored the world.

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I feel my heart actually crumpling up, eating itself. She was taking too long with the antedote. If Jes doesn't hurry, I'll be dead within minutes.My last words to Justin were "You

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The wise old man stroked his beard and stared coldly at me as if he was burning the answer in my soul.

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Mind reading is very real & anyone can do it. You just need total concentration & practice. Try it at your next family function. You'll need to stare directly at them for at least

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Josh from work was forced by necessity to buy a pint at The Famous Cock in Highbury last Tuesday. He told me this in an email even though he was sitting at the desk abutting mine

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The depressed termite had had enough of wood. Wood, wood wood. That's all anyone ate around here. What about osso buco? What about

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Indoors, indoors, iiiiiinnndoooooorrsss! Take it away penny!

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Spic and Span were tired of their clean image and decided to make a rumpus

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The thing about Abe Froman was that it was all about sausages. Sausage this and sausage that. One time I said, "knock, knock?" And he said, "Sausage, now shut your mouth."

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She was afraid to ask for a new set of utensils and just couldn't stand it anymore, so she got up and hid in the bathroom.

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