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This place smells like rotten eggs.

Finished: 6/16/19 @ 02:52
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I stood alone in a crowded place, a sprawling old mansion in a cramped part of town. Houses in Southside had room for perhaps a tree, or a little driveway in the front yard, but...

Finished: 6/16/19 @ 00:49
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She destroys the bathroom in a private jet after suffering from a heroin-induced case of the runs. To pin the blame on another passenger she takes a huge amount of expensive

Finished: 6/15/19 @ 13:31
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I told myself to not give them any subtext indicators or anything that could be construed as subtext indicators. I dragged their noses in how meta it was. I even wrote this sentenc

Finished: 6/15/19 @ 10:07
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Mormons knocked on the door. Mom-mom said, "You, go talk to them. Pop'll sneak around behind 'em with a slingshot." I begged, "Make me not your sacrificial lamb," and hid under

Finished: 6/15/19 @ 03:30
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It's a dreary Sunday afternoon, and Martha has been starring at a blank screen for two hours.

Finished: 6/15/19 @ 03:16
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The Red Devil was flowing through her veins, waging war once again, breaking through cellular barriers, battering down both good and evil. She screamed in victory, baldly declaring

Finished: 6/15/19 @ 03:11
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"I'm a feather duster and I'm okay." "That's fantastic. Could you dust my house for me?" "NOT TODAY." The PETA activists had arrived, plucking the feathers and returning them to

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The end.

Finished: 6/15/19 @ 01:22
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I'm one of those guys that write your name on a piece of rice. Not very interesting I know, but the CIA did need my services once.

Finished: 6/15/19 @ 01:16