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Tonight is an excellent night for murder. It's beautiful outside, crisp with the fall wind adding an edge to the world. And she will love it as I will-for her it will be

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Jumping up quickly after the blast, he couldn't believe his eyes. There was nothing left. Just ten seconds ago he had been enjoying

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Joe wondered why he was still sitting in the stands as the game entered the 16th inning. Maybe

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My, the apples on the ground are much more soft than the apples on the trees. Look at the size

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'WTF did I do last night?' he thought before noticing the beer cans, liquor bottles, take out and clothing littering

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"Another round of tequila shots," was the last thing I remembered. I tried to stitch the night together based on

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She has this theory that people who don't like dogs aren't really people. After a lengthy explanation, the judge

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"Dance!" the captain demanded. Two

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"I wanted to be a haiku poet," Elizabeth said, "but never could make the turns work." It was a common complaint.

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The letter from the doctor came as quite a surprise and he had to sit before continuing. His legs could not longer

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