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It is possible to steal an infant from the hospital, if you do it just right. You do not even need to use a disguise, if you simply

Finished: 11/29/10 @ 08:22
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The clown's real name was Dan, but everyone called him Danny Buckles after he got a tranq dart stuck in his

Finished: 11/29/10 @ 01:37
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*CRASH* If he's told her once, he's told her a hundred times not to place wine glasses close to the alarm clock. However

Finished: 11/29/10 @ 01:18
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One day a half crazy WOMAN with man hands logged onto and was perplexed by something she read.

Finished: 11/26/10 @ 20:36
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"Was that a bear?" she whispered, pulling the covers over her head. The trip to Yosemite ("yoss-might" as she called it)

Finished: 11/26/10 @ 20:13
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The day of the big exam had finally arrived. Gil brought his #2 pencil and his lunch, but didn't notice he'd forgot his

Finished: 11/26/10 @ 14:59
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It was finally time; Without further ado I ripped off my clothes only to find I had not brought along any

Finished: 11/26/10 @ 01:56
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The note read, "This is a fake stickup to test security. Put all the money in a bag and nothing funny." I bit my tongue

Finished: 11/24/10 @ 16:45
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I am absolutely, positively, 100%-sure I saw an alien last night. No animal could crouch and feast on a human body like that. Oddly, it smiled at me when I flipped on the

Finished: 11/23/10 @ 21:16
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As the motorcade passed, John remembered a line from an old song about an outlaw who ended up in Cleveland,

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