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The bear came out at night, only

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Their business meetings had become quite mundane. The coders were getting antsy while the suits were

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The International Arm Wrestling championships were starting in a couple minutes, and big Joe needed a pick me up, so he

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With the beast on the floor in front of her, she crawled toward the hot oven. As she tried to stand

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I like to discipline my dog with rolled up editions of the Economist. I think it makes him

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Moving to the suburbs didn't work out as well as they had planned. The dog walking mafia had their sights set on

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I used to go running in the mornings before work, but ever since the accident, I haven't had time for much, other than

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Compensating for wind, distance, and the curvature of the earth, Earl took aim at the unsuspecting

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You will need: 5 helium balloons, 3 packs of mentos, 2 bottles of fanta (grape works best) a lawn chair, a 9 iron. Mix

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Monkeys like butter and banana flavored jelly beans, its hard sometimes to grab these delicacies from small children who

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