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Chapter 53. Dear Reader, I assure you that we have nearly reached the beginning of my story - which is to say, the night of my birth - but that cannot be properly understood unless

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"Foldy pants foldy pants, and you like baline ball buddy." "Oh yeah? Oh yeah? Well same to you buddy!"

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By the time you have read this

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Dan stepped into the darkened house. He paused, sensing he wasn't alone. He called out shakily, "Hello?" A long pause, then the lights flicked on. "Surprise! Happy Thanksgivukkah!"

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Sometimes, I sit and think about all the things that need to be written. The words flow down my arms, over my elbows and through the ends of my fingers to emerge outside my body on

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Europa, dazzled by the beauty of the white bull, let it lick her hand. Then tipping its horns the bull (aka Zeus) rolled her onto its back and plunged into the ocean towards Asia.

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Once upon a time, there are a really bad monkey, a bear and a bird.

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I am facing a moral dilemma. If I vote for GreenBanana's recent folds, I'll knock myself off of the Leaderboard. But if I don't, it's like I'm lying about GB's contributions. What

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Al took his singing masturbation act on the road, reinventing himself as “Sonny Bone-OH!” Song parodies like “Beat the Meat Goes On” & “A Cowboy Jerks It Till He’s Done” were Al’s

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