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"Alrighty, let's get started, shall we? This seminar is 'How to Live Forever.' First things first, (and I want to underscore the importance of this, people), don't die. Second,

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"You slammed your door on his foot!" "Yes, which proves he was an intruder. I couldn't have crushed it if it wasn't inside my house." "He was selling Girl Scout Cookies." "I don't

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I stood on the edge of the building and closed my eyes, leaning into the buffeting winds. Close to falling, but not quite. If I opened my eyes, it was all over, I'd lose my balance

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Chance finally offered some support. "I know what it's like to be an outsider." Jurtok flexed its spiroclasms. "Do you?! Do you really?!!" Jherelia observed from nearby yet afar.

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"I sell laughs." He said matter a factly. "You're a comedian?" I asked. He grimaced. "Humor isn't a language people understand. I just sell laughs. You want a sample? Put these on

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Detective J. Manatee's instincts for detection did not help much as he fumbled through the sock drawer of D.I. Monty Rebus, who was snoring on the davenport in his aquatic habitat,

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Dad flopped down into his old brown recliner, the musty scent of trapped gas filling the air. He sighed as a far-away look came to his eyes. Then I heard it. "Daa-aaaad!" I held my

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Deep in the Himalayas, the monk knew he would never fulfill his one true calling: lion tamer.

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These are a few of my most-despised words: Pulchritude. Cauliflower. Leprous. Axe. Quantitative-easing. Blister. Virgin. Trebuchet. Maybe. Flatulence. Me. Make a story out of them!

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Don't worry, she will be safe with the fairies.

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