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The carrion birds fought halfheartedly for the barely edible flesh of Ronald Stedman. He'd been mostly chemicals and electrolytes swirling through a barely human body for years.

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I use oven cleaner and a brass-bristle brush on mine until all the blackened crust and rancid oily residue solids are removed. Then, I gently dab it dry with a ShamWow Shammie.

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Can a carnivorous plant meet, fall in love with and marry a human woman with a an allergy to poison ivy and bees? How would they cross pollinate? Did she even know what a stamen

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Molten shuttlecocks rocketed toward Vanessa. She'd reached the final level of extreme badminton where all executions were unresurrectable. Never in the history of the sport had

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She saw her dad cup the woman's breast. Crap, that ain't mom, she thought. But she sure looked like mom. Except, the hair, it was made of snakes and her skin was

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'Where to sir?'. 'We'll be meeting some fine gentlemen at the lunar station of Parsan mr. Delhi.' 'yes sir! we have a business transaction than sir?'. 'Yes we do mate, a promising

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I slammed my room door open and rolled myself onto my bed. I was really angry at my mom as she didn't prepare my favorite meal. I was really angry and wanted to calm myself down,

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This year its been snowing, snowing, and more snow. Everyone is so surprised by all of this weather we're having in North Carolina this winter season.

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somnambulism, he looked at the word again, it was hard to read in the dim torchlight, what did it mean, was it even a word, the harder he looked at it the weirder it looked on the

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The floor had started to ware where she had been pacing. She held the test in her hand but couldn't look until the 3 minutes passed. How could this of happened? She was sure that

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