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Shannon despaired. She had no purple in her Prosperity sector. She had a spiral staircase and spiral staircases drain chi faster than a rat up a drainpipe. As for her Career corner

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"So, there we were, two miles behind enemy lines, dressed as nuns and smuggling munitions to La Resistance in our wimples, when Lieutenant Hereford had the capital idea of using

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The rain splashed against the bottoms of his shoes as he ran through the midnight shower. The zombie ninjas were hot on his trail and he was running out of options, when suddenly

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Everything that living things do can be understood in terms of the jiggling and wiggling of atoms. Christian focused the stage of his microscope. What were the animacules doing?

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My story's character is sitting on the top deck of a bus going through Knightsbridge. I'd like to tell you more but my character is refusing all contact with me, won't return calls

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What do you think those of us in Silicon Valley are thinking when we read the following headline:

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I watch her as she draws, her eyebrows knitted in concentration, fingers curved carefully over the pencil as if it is a valuable tool in creating a rare delicacy. In

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She asked me if I folded any good stories lately. I paused to think about it. Farted. Thought some more. Grabbed us some beers. Then said yeah, it was no Squawkers, but I did fold

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The sound of kids laughing and playing in the park pisses me off with envy. The only reminders I have of my childhood are stretch marks, herpes and chronic

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I never expected my Craigslist ad to get so many responses - and certainly not from so many men with interesting names. Feldspauch Bercitis, Hronek Shrieves, Mousa Houchen - all

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