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The local wildlife keeps finding its way into my house, no matter how well I try to secure it. Just this morning, I awoke to a buck sniffing at my laptop, and a raccoon sifting thr

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Nathusius Pipistrelle set out from Blagdon to Oct. 4 2012 to visit his distant cousin, Vespadelus Pipistrelle who lived in a bat box in Schiermonnikoog. It was a trecherous journey

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If I go to bed now,

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When you're russian for food, there is no time for Stalin. KGB.

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I had no life, at least in part due to my being an unapologetic cheapskate. Then they opened a Discount Life Mart off of the freeway just a few miles down. This was exactly the

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Hello my name is Emily. I like to go to

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There was a cat and it could talk. One day it said HAI to the dog.

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I am a third culture kid. There are always two sides to a story and there are some things you probably didn’t know about us third culture kids.

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On January 23, 2015 there will be a 7.4 earthquake centered just east of Fresno, CA. It will be a tragedy for a few; a moderate disturbance for some. It will also bring together

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