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This Ning genno yiyamalro wattasi durable glass and blah blah nek Death Oh, and b bread pop four a long time blah blah blah Groningen no Crayon eyebrows Oh, and b bread pop fou

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Tammy was too tired to sleep...she hadn't had more than a few hours over the past eight days. Her room was littered with No Doze boxes and empty pill bottles once filled with

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A chemistry professor went on a date and then said "wow I'm in Au" Ba dum tss

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Clara slept in a semi-recumbant crouch on the floor, unable to get comfortable. Tired of her life as an overnight paralegal, she desired escape. What was so pressing that it requir

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The committee was a conglomeration of nincompoops, busy bodies, and ne'er-do-wells. They were the puppet masters behind the movie ratings board.

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Hi, Nice job last night - here are the lyrics to the FINALE When you see a guy, reach for stars in the sky You can bet that he's doin it for some doll

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Amanda Widdershins woke with a shock to find her estranged sister Carlotta sitting on her bed, staring at her. "I saw the shadow of the Manatee here," Carlotta insinuated. Amanda b

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Grade a paper, take a sip of merlot, check FoldingStory. Grade a paper, take a sip of merlot, check FoldingStory. Grade a paper, take a sip of merlot, then another sip, check

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Went through a red light: -10 points. Didn't park in the handicapped zone: +20 points. I looked down at the grand total for my karma budget. Hot Dog! Enough to rob a bank!

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To err is human; to forgive, drink is to be merry; to vomit, be in love is fantastic; to have sex, even better...these are just a few of my favorite proverbs

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