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Today, I will glue a price tag on an 800 pound barbell, carry it to the supermarket, lay it down on the far end of a cash register's conveyer belt. People will notice something is

Finished: 12/16/17 @ 10:28
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I am afraid of parked cars with curve feelers, two toed sloths, windshield wipers that move outwards simultaneously, bad stand-up comedians, surly drive-in attendants,

Finished: 12/16/17 @ 00:49
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When the war ended, Derek left the army and spent his war pension on plastic surgery. At first

Finished: 12/15/17 @ 20:23
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The white elephant gift exchange party at the office holiday party was an utter disaster. The problem started when Sven didn't understand the colloquialism and showed up with a

Finished: 12/15/17 @ 17:35
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We are whirling and twirling out of control, but everything is under control. We are always being controlled, even when we don't know it. Someone has control of the controller.

Finished: 12/14/17 @ 14:33
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This is my Justice Masterpiece.

Finished: 12/14/17 @ 00:01
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"Am I a sexy pillow?"

Finished: 12/13/17 @ 23:52
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The buzzer rang. A man wearing odd headgear with multiple zoom lenses stood at the door. "Hi there. You've won a free mapping of your residence for google@home." "Wow, great!"

Finished: 12/13/17 @ 23:47
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The whole family had agreed, so here he was lying on a beach chair Christmas eve watching the surf come in on the beach. "I miss snow" he said. Strangely a moment later a snowflake

Finished: 12/13/17 @ 23:40
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For some die-hards, the true heartland of thrash metal is not the Bay Area, but Germany, home of Toutonic Terrors, Kreator, Sodom, and Destruction.

Finished: 12/13/17 @ 21:09