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The Nodos put on an apron. The cake was done. It was a very big cake. It was baked in a relativistic jet emitted from a black-hole the Nodos had made, this quantum cake.

Finished: 8/18/17 @ 23:35
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It was an invitation to the Theminar. This was where the "them" of the worlds met. This shadowy but colossal society gathered once a year to hold court on the

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The countryside hadn't changed much, but the road had. I just didn't remember the

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In my dream I wear a motorcycle helmet and I am the only one dancing in an office. There is this strange beat in the background and then suddenly, pandemonium and chaos. Harlem.

Finished: 8/17/17 @ 01:18
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Hardy knew that fucker spilled that scalding water on purpose. But Laurel's dead, soulless eyes, the eyes of a killer, meant he couldn't hurt him directly. Oh god, did he know?

Finished: 8/16/17 @ 20:28
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"The concept of no-nations is difficult for a time-debter to comprehend." The Exhuman explained. My napalm shield had left me in a state of delirium.

Finished: 8/16/17 @ 19:45
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Your telling me I applied, was accepted 1 in 10000, trained in a grueling program, traveled through interplanetary space for 2 years, survived the landing, & the sunsets are blue?

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Adrian could see that what he proposed was unpopular, but he persisted regardless. "What do you MEAN, my plan to secure world peace by destroying a major city is implausible?"

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I was fell up into the sky one day.

Finished: 8/16/17 @ 12:34
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Snowzilla crashed through the streets of NYC giving the scrambled air force jets a cold blast of his cryobreath as they strafed his massive shoulders.

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