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"You're a poser, Sicily McPhalleyman". He said it to the mirror, straightened his Hermes tie, and grimaced his best impression of a smile. Then he entered the boardroom

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Lane woke to his cell phone buzzing by his ear. He yawned and flipped it open. There was a new text from a blocked number. He opened and read it. "Did u 4get something?" It read.

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He wouldn't hurt anybody. He couldn't even kill a fly. Which made his job as a Hit Man tricky.

Finished: 3/19/21 @ 15:13
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Did you know that chewing two sticks of gum for 30 minutes is as good as brushing your teeth? And that if you put a cup of vinegar in your crisper your veggies last all year? And

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Flatuventriloquism requires many years of practice to master, but now I'm able to micmic the voices of famous people like Jimmy Stewart or Arnold Schwarzenegger. Once when

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The shadow of the Manatee fell across Amanda Widdershin's tarot spread one evening. "Detective! Would you like some tea?" Det J said, "I'd like your counsel on a case with occult p

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I stood over the children—tears in their eyes, chocolate longing in their hearts—and I laughed. I said to them, "I have eaten all the cake!" None could defy my power, so I moved on

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