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A field of lavender as far as the eye could see, and the mistral cast waves upon it, a tempest of purple. This, thought Amien is like me, and felt at peace unknown to her.

Finished: 6/25/19 @ 22:19
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I looked at the little human between my arms, it was my job to give them a name and yet i didn't know . it started crying, I think because I hadn't given it a name,the nurse told

Finished: 6/25/19 @ 22:06
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If the Enterprise had been the Titanic would we find ourselves with the 6 foot tall duck like we do now? Get him out of that contraption & then fetch Mr. Spock & Ensign Earl Grey.

Finished: 6/25/19 @ 21:58
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Scuzzy wuzzy was my underwear.

Finished: 6/24/19 @ 20:01
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"Reading Greek myths again?" Jon said. "Umm, no." "Then why are the dogs dressed as Leda and the Swan?" A small mutt trotted past like Bjork in a wonky swan costume.

Finished: 6/23/19 @ 23:21
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Nobody ever asked how the sidekick felt. It was always 'build this' and 'research that' and then boom, bang ant huzzah - the hero got all the credit. Well, Bob would change that.

Finished: 6/22/19 @ 04:54
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I have so much homework and I don't want to do it.

Finished: 6/22/19 @ 04:49
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Donkey 43

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Daddy, dere's a monster under my bed." "How many times have I told you there's no such..." "But he's dere Daddy, look!" "Alright...That's no monster its an Aligator, G'nite son."

Finished: 6/19/19 @ 13:33
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They were gone, all of them. I came home, and they were gone.

Finished: 6/19/19 @ 09:50