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"Punishment run these in a high-school rallies." Tribec reads, the three contestants try to think of the Jeopardy question, Phil taps in, blurts out, "

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This is a test. Testing how to start a story. Hello, my name is Jefforama. That's not my real name. If you knew my real name, I'd have to kill you. Just kidding.

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"Shoot," Tin Tin thought. Ages passed by before he thought, "I shouldn't have taken that last toke. I think I'm too high." The beastly blunt made it's way back to him, "Uh...

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1) That moment when you put the spoon in the fridge. 2) That moment when you are totally into a youtube video and you accidentally skipped to the beginning. 3) That moment

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"Metabolism? Oh, I thought you said 'metal ball ism'".

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It was just another day for Deputy Sheriff Dick Blunt. He sat in his squad car on the side of the road, an empty box of donuts in the passenger seat. He'd been hearing reports of

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"I used to battle my little brother with nerf swords & always won. Check this. I'll never join you! You killed my father!" "We're not offering you Luke, we're talking about Jabba

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In impromptu speaking it is always good to pull a random quote out of your pocket and use it to add justification to your point. For example, "Kennedy once said 'To be or not to be

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Capt. Cob re-lit his pipe then leaned against the taffrail, trying to remember some nautical terms. "Have the youngest 'prentice batten down the scuttle," he shouted to

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Free flight. Is that what they call it? When the noise stops and all you can hear is the air fighting the wings. When you hold your breath, giving the situation enough time to

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