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The man rolled over the table, smashing a few collector's items on the way as bullets fired from him to me. Luckily I had a plan. Before this even started, I had made sure to

Finished: 8/2/19 @ 14:52
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Test 1: Testing. This is a test. Testing 1 2 3. BOOM! Test failed. Test 2: Testing. This is a test. Testing 1 2 3.

Finished: 8/1/19 @ 22:22
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The Soup Dragon was tending the soup wells of the rocky moon she lived on. The star that heated her home was very far away and the bubbling soup was the only warmth she'd felt for

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I didn't win the Powerball jackpot, but it could be worse. My identical twin got hit by lightning while making a hole in one.

Finished: 8/1/19 @ 14:26
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The tension in the arcade rose to a stern hush as the new kid firmly stepped through the smudged glass doors. It was Zack...the coolest guy in town. The glint off his sunglasses

Finished: 7/31/19 @ 13:53
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Queen Bellaflora swept her wand o’er the waterfall’s foam, making it pop like the snot-bubbles on your baby sister’s face.

Finished: 7/30/19 @ 03:30
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My name is Mudd, with two Ds, the second D is silent; in theory, if only one of them is silent and the other one isn’t, it doesn’t matter which of the Ds is silent and which isn’t.

Finished: 7/30/19 @ 02:39
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I fell in love with a mermaid. She had hair the color of the night and her skin was covered with iridescent scales. I want to join her but she refused to let me drown.

Finished: 7/29/19 @ 22:55
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I did a monstrous number of respectable things for a lot of bad people—or maybe I did a substantial number of terrible things for a lot of good people. I hate people. I love me.

Finished: 7/29/19 @ 22:41
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I d d d don't remem m m m ber when I began t t t t to stutter. When I was a ch ch ch child, half of my

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