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I feel guilty because I have a conscience, but my conscience also says I did the right thing.

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In the morning,my elder brother came to woke me up from my bed .when,he entered my room,he saw me snoring loudly,so he bought a packet of pepper and he blowed it in to my nostrils

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She slithered across the grainy ash tray leaving her drool and spit behind. Had she not picked up the cigarette that first time after her boyfriend ripped her dreams away she

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"Go! Go! my pet! Spread chaos and typhoons to Asia!" Cackling loudly, I released the butterfly.

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"Hi, my name is Jimbles Notronbo! I love to science and 80's hairstyles. Do you want to be my friend?" The little bird on the pavement did not respond. Jimbles was furious, "All I

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Damn! The neighbour was playing his guitar again. He plucked such particular notes that the sounds reverberated through the wall, up my nose and into my brain where they

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Once, there was a woman so blonde, even the sun envied her. He hair fell in long gold curls down her back. She had a small nose, red lips, bright eyes. She was perfect. Except...

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I opened the door to find it there again. If sofa's could smirk, I'm sure this one would've. I set down my purse and the groceries and addressed the empty air: "Aunt Valetta!"

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The finger started moving on it's own accord. Why though? Why now? It dragged me across the room, pulling me out the door and on to the streets of London. It was a rainy afternoon

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