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I am going to go play dead for the next 4 years; hold all my calls.

Finished: 6/25/17 @ 01:43
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Give me garlic bread. I like garlic bread.

Finished: 6/30/17 @ 12:21
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I owned an angry computer. It always automatically added curse words to my instant message text, whoever I was sending it to. Alas, I could not afford anything else.

Finished: 7/4/17 @ 15:57
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What is the end game of Evil? Once Good is destroyed what will Evil do? Where does Evil see itself in 5 years? Has Evil considered the Balkans? In what light does Evil shine bright

Finished: 7/8/17 @ 11:32
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Dear Diary: Dad's dead, & all I got was his ring. Duncan's dead too - oh, and Gurney too. Mom and I are being chased by giant worms. My eyes are turning blue (cool) but I keep

Finished: 7/12/17 @ 18:54
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Sarah fidgeted by herself. He was late, but that gave her time to think. Past experiences had taught her that it was best to reveal these things on the 3rd date.

Finished: 7/1/17 @ 00:33
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My Grandfather motioned with his feeble hand as I approached the bed. I bent down to listen to his last words. "Listen son... Eat... Sleep... Rave... Repeat."

Finished: 7/13/17 @ 10:57
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If you're reading this, there's still time. Just the fact that you haven't yet lost your sight means that they won't reach you for a few more minutes. You have time to prepare

Finished: 7/7/17 @ 12:36
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There are two toilets in my house. One is for us; one is for guests. I think this is tremendously unfair because we don't even get that many guests but they get to use the clean

Finished: 7/14/17 @ 10:00
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When did you ever hear me quote myself? That is tantamount to reasonable because I am a very quotable guy. I once said about myself that I had lots of things to say about myself to

Finished: 7/2/17 @ 17:02