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I saw what I did that morning at the diner had caused a ripple that came back to hit me just now by her slamming the door in my face. "It was only a cup of coffee".

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If I don't wake up on time,

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My mom's cat was named Thomas Jefferson.

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I'd take headphones over a concert any day, but dad wanted me to get a realer metal concert experience. A black blur, he entered my room violently enough to break the mosh barrier.

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My plan was simple. I had to switch bodies with a girl who ruined my life - but when I became close with her, things became difficult; she fell in love with me. What happened? Well

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Carl from accounting also happened to have a side job as a stripper. Problem is, he decided to combine both jobs and save himself the time.

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Her blonde hair. It was all my eyes decided to look at, despite thousands of other things in the restaurant.

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Thelma raked her fingers across the top of Bubba's head, upending his comb over. His eyes rolled in delight as she sashayed behind his easy-chair, whispering the words he longed to

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And in an instant the sorcerer's spell worked. Lord Tyrion was gone. Transported. Tyrion was blinded by whiteness. Is this the good realm? He saw people in strange clothes. Blue

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CHRISTIAN BILLY VISITS THE ZOO. To celebrate Noah's birthday, Billy's relig-ed went to the zoo, at the same time as a furry convention. A gay couple explained aloud the evolution o

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