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"No really, Clancy, pick the sword. It's right there by your left foot. Be careful. It's alive. It knows where we're going next. No you can't ask it for wishes."

Finished: 12/31/19 @ 18:04
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Many hikers admire the beauty of the Lake Superior hiking trails, but few have the courage to trek the brambles of the Lake Inferior hiking trails.

Finished: 1/24/20 @ 07:40
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They were called in the kids school,that afternoon.Weewees were out!The flowers and bees talk had been a bucket of cold water.That night nothing was suposed to happen,but they were

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Young teacher, the subject of school girls' fantasies.But these girls were half his age, yet they knew twice as much. He tried to teach them calculus.They taught him other lessons.

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The scent of the ink still wet on the divorce papers was cause for reflection; it smelled like, know who...the one you can't stop thinking, lilacs in summer.

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It's raining outside. My dog doesn't like the rain.

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"Kill 'em! Kill 'em all!" The captain shouted over the booming of the cannons. "Show no mercy - you cowards didn't join the Galactic Fleet for nothin'!" He grips his laser gun and

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The journey had begun. My backpack was full of what was left of my life..running shoes, blown out from miles of marathon training, dirty socks, a half eaten snackbar, and Huck Fin

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"Dave whats the secret to your steak man!" Mike exclaimed. "You really wanna know?" Dave asked. Mike nodded enthusiastically. "Well the two main ingredients are napalm and bleach."

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Echo walked, focusing on the throbbing in his arm to drown out his rage. He was supposed to be a good bounty hunter, but teaming up with thugs was turning out to be a bad idea.

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