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I keep falling asleep at the worst possible moments.

Finished: 7/5/19 @ 21:47
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The dapper old man with white wispy hair and ruddy cheeks whistled cheerfully as he walked through the park, handing out handbills for

Finished: 6/26/19 @ 19:06
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Flashing lights danced across my eyelids - just sensations at first, then alternating red and blue. A murmur of voices caught my attention, and I realized they were talking about

Finished: 7/4/19 @ 00:57
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Once the green light flashes you jump into you head, knocking over a cup of something off of your Medulla oblongata . It looked like soup. Was it soup? Didya check the hippocampus?

Finished: 7/2/19 @ 21:28
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I wish I could show you all my new breasts. They look GREAT! No longer can Jefforama call me "Wheelbarrow T*ts." I'm all perky now! With my new-found confidence, I decided to

Finished: 6/27/19 @ 14:43
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Kaleidoscopic Sniveling Donkey woke up in the sweat lodge with a couple of hangovers and the Sun knocking on his clenched eyes. He sent the lightnings from his anguish to fry them.

Finished: 7/20/19 @ 11:45
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I finally found my purpose today. I would have never guessed it was

Finished: 7/1/19 @ 19:09
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There was no time to wait as the first raindrops started falling. He grabbed his coat and rushed to the door. Where should he start looking?

Finished: 6/28/19 @ 11:13
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Even in a winter garden, one can still wish everyone well against the sickness and the madness and the clutter of the world, and sometimes there are echoes back from the G, so

Finished: 6/28/19 @ 20:57
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I would get excited at finding a fold that I could see working with and I'd click it out. But in that split second I forgot the story I was aiming at & I'm already running to catch

Finished: 7/18/19 @ 12:04