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As I stood in the meeting place I felt like such an idiot. Why had Betty insisted I come dressed like a frog?

Finished: 8/24/18 @ 17:22
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I'm a prince, I need no last name. I am a princess indeed I came.

Finished: 8/25/18 @ 19:01
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I have Michael Bublé's "Russian Unicorn" stuck in my head.

Finished: 8/31/18 @ 10:06
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Many years ago there lived an Emperor who desired a new black-blue dress,but when the tailor made it, he was furious:"WHY did you bring me a WHITE-GOLD dress? I specifically said

Finished: 9/3/18 @ 16:31
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I took a doughnut and throw like ninja weapon at my big brother, who was hiding under his bed.Suddenly, i heard a crash under my house.When,i look down the doughnut had killed ...

Finished: 9/12/18 @ 12:16
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The goblin snarled, brandished its spear, yelled "Bree Yark!" at the top of its lungs, then charged. The magic user cast Floating Disc, is only spell, then ran back to the Keep on

Finished: 8/23/18 @ 22:06
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"WARNING: world catastrophe imminent, please proceed to the nearest space elevator and follow directions from there!" The message blared down the empty streets, papers fluttering

Finished: 9/5/18 @ 22:24
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The end of the world begins in 10 days. On the first day, every shoe in existence will have a pebble in it that can't be removed. On the second, people will trip over everything.

Finished: 8/31/18 @ 17:42
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Did you hear the one about the cross-eyed teacher? She couldn't control her pupils.

Finished: 9/4/18 @ 20:10
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Being dead sucks ass.... I should know. I've been dead for just over an hour, and it feels like bloody eternity already. There's a crow approaching. Shoo! Leave my corpse alone you

Finished: 9/10/18 @ 07:53