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okpj jt q´n´p nom pgoaei n´pigo

Finished: 4/27/19 @ 00:17
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But, that was before I stared into the frozen blackness. Distance, depth it has no meaning there. No what really has meaning is when the blackness stares back. That night, the eyes

Finished: 5/7/19 @ 20:21
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There is a 1% chance that I'll make it through the next 5 minutes without eating that entire chocolate bar in my desk. Did I say 1%? I meant none %. No! I will not eat it! I will

Finished: 5/3/19 @ 02:02
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"A poltergeist is nothing but a juvenile trickster determined to plague credulous adults," said Joe Quarter as a teacup smashed against his forehead. Sally tried to look innocent.

Finished: 5/3/19 @ 02:16
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"Duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, g-" Silence blossomed like a mushroom cloud. The children's eyes did not flinch. The gun's report finally shattered the haze. Little Teddy held a 45

Finished: 4/27/19 @ 00:09
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I can't even look at you without getting flustered. I didn't want to feel this way about you, but it happened. I don't know what to do. All I know is that I fell in love with you.

Finished: 5/11/19 @ 00:18
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Don't piss on my back and tell me it is raining. I'd rather know if it is piss or not. I don't want the doubt. If your balls aren't big enough to keep me down though, your ass is

Finished: 5/16/19 @ 13:24
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It's funny how language can lead to dreams, joy and delight, or bickering, vile bile, and the toxic ectoplasm gushing out of internet sewers into the comments under news articles.

Finished: 4/27/19 @ 22:32
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Elbow taps for air traveling women. It should be a thing that gets killed by fire. Otherwise, why bother? It has already been promised that there will be no more flooding of the wo

Finished: 4/25/19 @ 22:30
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10 fingers, 10 toes, 1 bebe, and no nose..... what?

Finished: 5/10/19 @ 08:54