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Research has found that the percentage of FoldingStory users with 3 figure IQs is equal to the percentage of bananas that are straight. From this we can conclude that

Finished: 2/7/20 @ 03:52
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When the mists cleared Captain Jack sparrow saw the other boat. It was a coast guard ship. No doubt there were snipers on board. He should never have joined up with Ethiopian

Finished: 2/6/20 @ 20:47
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I counted the homemade meatballs in my homemade chilli sauce and froze. I was dealing with a prime number.

Finished: 2/21/20 @ 18:55
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We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives. Future events such as these will affect you in the future.

Finished: 2/10/20 @ 22:29
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You and me are in a lot of trouble, and somebody's gonna burst our bubble. Your husband, my wife. My marriage, your life. So we went to Maine out on the east coast that very night

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Something interesting is happening here. Have you noticed? The seemingly endless supply of letters, words, and language is running out. There are only so many available. With each

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What ever happened to Ms. Inatick, the clever cricket-loving Australian lass who is so fond of personifying inanimate objects? Mr. Spatula, what have done to our friend?

Finished: 2/4/20 @ 12:53
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Sage's Baby had his mother's eyes, and his other mother's eyes, and Uncle Pete's and his friend Tony's eyes, but otherwise he was disappointingly common and nondescript. Rosemary's

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The crazy old coot in the landspeeder was right, those WEREN'T the droids we were looking for! Though, for a second there, they kind of looked a little bit like them - I mean, one

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My cup failed me.

Finished: 1/29/20 @ 14:34