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Hello! HELLO! welcome to our SHOW! Don't be scarred or unPREpared! It's time we shared David Lynch's FUN HOUSE!

Finished: 11/8/19 @ 23:19
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Putting down the paper he went out to the garage. His victim was still tied to the chair, but awake. "You know what is going to happen next?" a scared "No" was uttered, but he knew

Finished: 11/1/19 @ 15:19
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When i was reading my book, my brother played a prank on me. He brought a pail of dirty undergarments and put it all over my head. And then i was so fed up that i..........

Finished: 11/1/19 @ 16:14
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A major unintended consequence of the collapse of the Iron Curtain in 1989 (ish) was that the UK would never again win the Eurovision Song Contest. If we'd known this, our celebrat

Finished: 11/5/19 @ 16:13
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I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus was playing on the old Victrola; I had just checked back in from a brief blackout session. But Santa had Mommy bent over the sofa arm sans knickers

Finished: 11/12/19 @ 19:34
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"Stealing from children and murdering mimes, these are a few of my favorite crimes!" Julie Andrews was drunk again. She twirled into the groping mitts of the notorious producer,

Finished: 11/17/19 @ 15:58
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After you read the Good Book, everything else is bad. And I have graduated from the School of Hard Knocks, but there ain’t nothing do prepare you better for life than the Good Book

Finished: 10/22/19 @ 01:51
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Weedy flower gardens crept slowly into increasingly narrow strips of lawn. I was having a conversation with my friend.Suddenly, something started pulled my leg....................

Finished: 10/30/19 @ 19:01
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Prison psychologist: "Let's play Rorschach Roulette. I'll start, Beekeeper. Prisoner #39451: "Um... Burka?"

Finished: 11/5/19 @ 13:41
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Kenny's deep, dark secret was that he liked to write fanfiction.

Finished: 11/12/19 @ 19:10