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The depressed termite had had enough of wood. Wood, wood wood. That's all anyone ate around here. What about osso buco? What about

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Spic and Span were tired of their clean image and decided to make a rumpus

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I feel my heart actually crumpling up, eating itself. She was taking too long with the antedote. If Jes doesn't hurry, I'll be dead within minutes.My last words to Justin were "You

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The wise old man stroked his beard and stared coldly at me as if he was burning the answer in my soul.

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Some people call me a space cowboy, some call me a dad or a bastard. Some people call me boss, some yell and say 'Hey ref!' I'm a worker, I'm a shirker, I'm a French fry berserker,

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I'm here to make you forget that you don't believe in angels anymore.

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"There you are" I say, dropping the small parcel into his greedy, cherubic, little hand. "Three cherry cordials belonging to Marie Antoinette may want to open that in

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Margins in art textbooks are intended for doodles, not notes. As "Italia: Dove i Nudi Sono Grandi" was handed down annually, its stunning pen collaboration outstripped "David" and

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The 21st century is characterized by the ubiquitous presence of technology in everyday life. New generation students are surrounded by computer related instruments and will

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The Return of Morag McDoone. She was a bitter, drunk, Scotswoman, was Morag McDoone, who got more drunk the more bitters she imbibed. Her father Mickey rued the day he had filled

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