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He was bloated bald-headed man who like Copenhagan and Bull Terriers. Not at the same time of course. He drove a silver Honda fit like a bat out of Hell. He wanted to be the

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I learned very early the difference between knowing the name of something & knowing something. I held little of the claim that knowing somethings real name gave you control over it

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The elevator seemed innocuous enough. Just your ordinary everyday run-of-the-mill elevator. Two floors up, my worst nightmare got on. I should have known something was wrong when

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Dear Santa, This Christmas I'd like a new bicycle, a warm coat, and a puppy. But I don't want you to bring them to me. Please give them to Jacob Nealy. Thank you Santa, Paul.

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Vlastomil Keithley cringed when his early paintings came up for auction. Even worse, someone was curating a retrospective of Vlastomil's "Huffy" and "Lame" period paintings. Psych

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Candy Crush Saga. Part II: The Revenge of Queen Frostine and Grandma Nutt. When we last left off, the CEO of a Fortune 500 company burned Candy Land to the ground.

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Canada, where a good warm winter parka is 1000$ , and what was once affordable for the middle class is now financial suicide for most: i.e. owning a house, hard wood furniture, qua

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“How do you know where I was. Were you stalking me?”Luke asked. “Boys make a lot of sounds like a lovesick Minotaur!”Thalia laughed.

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The swords edge was as sharp as hell, the steel itself burned with the hatred of the hundreds of souls it had taken out of this world and put in the next. always it was warm to the

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"Am I a sexy pillow?"

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