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Every time I decide to cook I’m always one ingredient short. The last time I tried to make

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"So, tell me about yourself," said my new psychiatrist. I just sat there & looked at him into uncomfortable silence. Then I reached into my bag & pulled out my Howdy Doody puppet.

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Someplace, there is an island, where wild chickens run free. Every June, we take our boats to the island, and have a big poultry round-up. Chicken Boys riding Shetland ponies would

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"The apocalypse is coming!" The weird guy-with-the-impending-doom-sign-strapped-to-his-front shouted. I was figuring this one was a total loon, when the whole earth started

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Benoondict Khanderbatch sat on the bridge of the ReallyBIgShipthat'sNOTtheReliant and brooded. Something was terribly wrong with reality, but he couldn't put his finger on exactly

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I just cry.

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There were three mottos to live your life by in those times:

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Speak power to you. You soak it up. You get higher. You're transcendent. Let go and embrace it. Flow with the Flow to where it is going. Feel good. He happy. The captain asks that

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She broke the kitchen chair over my head. "Look, if you don't want any coffee, all you have to do is say so," I complained, wiping the blood from my eyes. I was sick & tired of my

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Slugman glared at me as Joyce from Forensics reported that all five mucusy trails were concocted from mucilage and olive oil. "Slugman, I owe you more than an apology. How about

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