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So this guy called me up. I had gone on a date with him, maybe, 3 months ago. It had been ok, but he had to leave early to catch a last minute flight to Budapest. So he was back &

Finished: 11/25/18 @ 14:52
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"Wonder what would happen if all the lights went dark" I thought to myself after finishing laps at the indoor pool. And then all the lights went dark.

Finished: 12/16/18 @ 15:10
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Once upon a time there was a brave little boy named Smith that lived in a swamp with an ogre named George. They were great friends and they did many fun things together like...

Finished: 12/14/18 @ 09:53
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The Geomagnetic anomalies make a surgical strike impossible, unleash the

Finished: 12/14/18 @ 04:27
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As the night before Finals dragged on like a bleeding slab of roadkill, free-college-essays.com started to look more and more appealing.

Finished: 12/6/18 @ 22:48
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Listen up Tony. Rule #1 of ABC construction. Start the noisiest work of the day at 6 am sharp so people know you arrived at work. Tony eagerly put on his ear protection

Finished: 12/7/18 @ 16:27
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Tell me why? The teacher says. "I dunno" Bruno mumbles. "I just hate it here. I miss my friends in Berlin. This place smells. I had to do something. Anything." He tries not to cry.

Finished: 12/10/18 @ 22:27
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My dog fiercely hunts bees, hornets, wasps, and yellow jackets. Once, she got cartoon face. What is she afraid of? Flies! When she sees a fly, she hides under the bed.

Finished: 12/15/18 @ 22:47
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The buzzer rang. A man wearing odd headgear with multiple zoom lenses stood at the door. "Hi there. You've won a free mapping of your residence for google@home."

Finished: 11/21/18 @ 01:35
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Onyx sat, staring at the ice blue eyes looking back at him. Not entirely sure what it was, it moved with the same fluidity as he, the same timing. Copying his every nuance.

Finished: 11/30/18 @ 08:22