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Mozart faked his death so that he could do something else.

Finished: 6/16/20 @ 11:41
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The moment that 4D4M cannibalized a spare rib from his abdominal enclosure to clone an assistant entity with which to evolve upon this new world, this paradise. For the best gene

Finished: 6/24/20 @ 23:04
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They were Mermonkeys, sort of like Planet of the Apes meets the Little Mermaid.

Finished: 6/26/20 @ 18:38
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Ironically, it happened on a Thursday.

Finished: 6/15/20 @ 17:15
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All hope seemed to be lost. But that was not true. Because, where CAPTAIN MISSOURI is, hope is with him.

Finished: 6/13/20 @ 14:58
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Jane stretched and rubbed her eyes. The had fallen asleep last night with list in her hand. She smiled when she read it. "New Year Resolution 1: Wake up."

Finished: 6/11/20 @ 14:55
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July 15th, 1478: I decided to write down everything if anything happens to me, so one could pick up from where I finished. I think I'm on a good way to find the secret formula...

Finished: 6/23/20 @ 12:27
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Nathusius Pipistrelle set out from Blagdon to Oct. 4 2012 to visit his distant cousin, Vespadelus Pipistrelle who lived in a bat box in Schiermonnikoog. It was a trecherous journey

Finished: 6/4/20 @ 17:14
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i want to eat pancakes! But

Finished: 6/19/20 @ 17:06
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If I had won the Power ball, I would not be sitting in class right now. Instead, I would...

Finished: 6/19/20 @ 14:31