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I have had two deaths in the family and infection that nearly killed me. I am back and feeling better and ready for some fun on Folding story . Go ahead make my day!

Finished: 6/17/17 @ 03:00
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I kick ass. It's unbelievable how much ass I kick. Should be illegal; probably is. Don't care. Too busy kick'n ass. All day; all night. Asleep, you'd be like "Damn, that guy kicks

Finished: 6/17/17 @ 17:32
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I was walking down the road singing a scary song.And suddenly,i stopped hearing someone singing a more scariest song in a loud and scary tone.When i turn back,i saw a skeleton....

Finished: 6/9/17 @ 14:33
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I had enough of it this time. This time I had to stand up for myself

Finished: 6/19/17 @ 01:24
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Foodfighting is a far-flung tradition here at Worcester Prep. They don't call us the Fightin' Wallabies for nothing! You're a newbie, so you'll be in the front line today. Our ammo

Finished: 6/9/17 @ 19:18
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The sign at the front of the diner said welcome to hell. And if you didn't like meatloaf it was. Of course if you did, it was worse.

Finished: 6/17/17 @ 03:01
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I am an invisible mangonel.

Finished: 5/30/17 @ 11:19
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Wanna hear the most annoying thing in the world?

Finished: 6/27/17 @ 12:11
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The great cities have risen & fallen. Civilizations grip on mankind is weak & arthritic. Dark forces renew forgotten covenants. Primordial beasts reclaim the wilderness. Out of the

Finished: 5/31/17 @ 23:14
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The wind blew in through the open window.

Finished: 5/30/17 @ 00:14