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I had failed at being a bridge. I decided then to become a hindrance.

Finished: 3/5/18 @ 20:42
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The crowd is not to be heard. Close your ears to their message. Close your eyes to their message. Go away from the world to not hear the din of the crowd. Hide away in the Silence.

Finished: 3/22/18 @ 00:26
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I have an Anything card in my wallet. Just wave in front of a customer service representative and I get anything I want.

Finished: 3/10/18 @ 14:37
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today was a day to remember. I heard the word

Finished: 2/26/18 @ 23:56
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`Dripping blood` was always on Cassie mind. The image of blood is the only image that comes to mind when remembering her past, the days before she came to live with the Shelton`s

Finished: 3/1/18 @ 20:02
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...as you can see, compared to space and time, we are but small blips. However, since we can perceive the vastness, our brains encompass the universe. Taco?

Finished: 3/8/18 @ 13:30
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kool aid sang what what what in da butt

Finished: 3/7/18 @ 12:42
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Chocolate covered pretzels dipped in caramel coated mint ice ream wasn't enough to drown my disappointment at having been fired by the worlds worst company.

Finished: 3/11/18 @ 20:59
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"How can I choose." I thought to myself. Barack Obama look alike or the grey fox veteran. I have so much to give, but I need something substantial in return.

Finished: 3/13/18 @ 00:15
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He dropped into the backfield. Looking for receivers in the endzone. He pump faked, passed to the open receive. A wail erupted, the QB saw that he'd just thrown a baby

Finished: 3/19/18 @ 15:14