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Music floated through the grand double doors. Through the glass windows Elena could see the many layers of twirling satin and sparking jewelry as women with flushed cheeks spun...

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He used a sock puppet to pick up beautiful women.

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This story illustrates how people from all generations, culture, walks of life, and philosophies can come together and compose something coherent. It all started with a stolen line

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Our mom made us go to Mrs. Sorber's house on Halloween, even though all we ever got there was apples. Mrs. Sorber made us sing songs too, to earn our unwanted apples. This year,

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I forgot to remind my mind to forget that I was in operation mind fuck. I didn't mind the fuck. it was the mind I didn't want to fuck with. I didn't want to fuck with the mindfuck

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Lost everything! Honey stocks bottomed out. Heffalump Investments filed Chapter 11. Chief Analyst P.Bear grumbled "Really I'm a bear of very little brain." & took a slow train back

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It was late afternoon in old Indochina. Madame Wong was lying on a low couch on a jjunk floating down the Mekong. She lit a small opium pipe to keep the flies away from her face.

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There are so many reasons for why he died, but none of the multitude can distract me from the cold and forever fact that he's been gone these many years. A childhood friend, lost,

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The explorer blankly gazed at his compass. Only three days left. All of his crew were screaming behind him because they had reached their final test on this voyage: a

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Just as she was showing him the door, (good riddance) an alert came off the TV. "Due to a Homeland emergency, everyone must stay indoors for the next 48 hours."

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