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There once was a transvestite from Nantucket, whose

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No, It couldn't be.... but it was in my room staring at me. It was looking at me as if it had some authority to be here but this was my room.

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Jim felt sporty and foxy as he ran along the avenue, legs flashing, pecs boasting -- he was in The Zone! But a haunted man blocked his path. He sounded Russian. "Nyet! Eto Zona!" J

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Do you believe in love he asked me? What if it was at first sight? Could you have the belief that this very night i fell in love with you and your beautiful soul?

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"WHY?!" he screamed. as his mom rushed in, to find her son having a nervous breakdown on the floor. "What's wrong, honey?!" He replied: I read Cupcakes! Again! Why Pinkie Pie, why"

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It was the Lölthing hour when Eonys and Plucys set together. Hoartig did the Grymbon fathow, and over the Kunicle did he Squabe. All the Bunglüs quiveled in their Hogyns as he came

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Misty DuPre. 8472 Rose St. Objective: Challenging and rewarding career in sanitation management restructuring via redundancy analysis. Skills: Restructuring, Sanitation, Analysis,

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Coleopterametamorphobia: fear of being transformed into a beetle is a rare condition whchi caused F.'s insomnia. While the family cocooned for the Winter, F. wrote his epos "The

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In a distant mental asylym the waited fall had arrived. it's been 4 years and now it's time for the competition. consisting of 4 events. The first was

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Newton was sitting with Darwin by the fire one day. A piece of bread had fallen on the hearth. Newton picked it up. "By God, Darwin, I think we've cracked it, we've invented toast!

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