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Chapter 53. Dear Reader, I assure you that we have nearly reached the beginning of my story - which is to say, the night of my birth - but that cannot be properly understood unless

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Running all across the floor, on the walls and even on to me and over my feet. The cockroaches were everywhere. They seemed to be more concentrated around a carpet. I poked on it

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Lieutenant colonel John Dykeson sat alone as he always did from 15 00 - 16 30. The lamp's yellow light cast a jaundiced pallor over his drawn skin. A fan moved but the air was too

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I am facing a moral dilemma. If I vote for GreenBanana's recent folds, I'll knock myself off of the Leaderboard. But if I don't, it's like I'm lying about GB's contributions. What

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You're listening to 106.4 FM, "The Krill", the only radio station playing exclusively beluga whale mating calls put to a metronome. Next up, we have that hot single, "My Blowhole

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Knock, knock! "Who's there?" asked LucieLucie. "It's us," came the enigmatic response. LucieLucie opened the door to strangers. "It's us...your FoldingStory friends," said a tall

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In the dying days of World War II Hitler sat in his bunker eating a boiled egg. Suddenly a time traveller appeared from nowhere and pointed a gun at him "Hitler", he said "My name

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Zolda was an extra large medium. Bob was really scared of her, but he needed to make contact with his late wife to find out where she had hidden the family jewels. Zolda's chins

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The Sun has feelings too, you know, just like you. He is just too polite to show them. He doesn't want to be one of "those" stars. It is what it is but he doesn't want it not to be

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