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And there i saw it, it was big, it was harry, and i was cold

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In the beginning, dog created the heaven and the earth and saw that it was doog. On the seventh day, dog rested.

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I couldn't believe what she told me in the bathroom last night. We sat there for two hours and cried together and that's when I realized

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Aurora,SleepingBeauty had guests for dinner.She told the castle's cook to prepare a feast fit for a king.Her guests were no-show and since she didn't want to waste all that food,

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I launched myself into the Cosmo, a babe, a raw nerve looking to take root in some place or time. To being changed by the journey from promise to fact. I AM THAT I AM. & you unders

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When Father T. opened a drive-thru confessional booth at the Collinsville truck stop off I-70, he expected to hear some unusual stories, and this is the topper. All names changed

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She was scared, worried, and terrified that someone would sit on the doll collection that her anscetors had given her. Her mother in law hadn't cared and always called Sam paranoi

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As I I lay in the grass with my feet up the air, I noticed that my blue suede shoes blended in with the night sky. I tapped my heels and spoke the ancient words.

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I woke up this morning feeling really happy. Maybe too happy. I reached for my copy of M Kundera's "The Unbearable Lightness of Being". After reading just one chapter, the misery

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I hate flies. I HATE them. The way they buzz around and zoom back and forth. They're dirty! The NOISE they make. They just bug me! And Michael bugged me too. That's why I had to

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