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I was trapped, alone on an iceberg, penguins and that squamous, tentacled THING slowly melting out of the ice as my only companionship. The penguins had wised up to my predations,

Finished: 3/14/19 @ 22:29
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Icy rain pelted the tin roof. Burke pulled the sheep skin rug up exposing her feet. Sure there wasn't much but it was shelter as long as it stood against the whistling wind

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Lion tastes good.Let's establish a beachhead to aggressively hunt their prides. We'll construct breathing apparatus from kelp & trap certain amounts of oxygen. Tuna commandos will

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Once upon a time there lived a beautiful but horny princess.

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Carl was scanned the text displaying on his screen, "Click here to download GeniusLog to improve your web browsing tools and experience," it said, but Carl just wanted fold stories

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Grato told his brother last. "I won the one-way ticket to Mars." Santuur imploded. "I need to go, bro. The structures are mapped. I need to see for myself, to touch the glyphs, to

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Suddenly everything went black and she couldn't see. She felt the ground shake below her as if it were to open up and swallow her whole.

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Rich took Joey to work today - I got home... and no dog greeted me.

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The bunch of bananas winced collectively after being dropped unceremoniously in the middle of the pineapple bin. It wasn't easy being green.

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I'm so confused about all this sexuality talk. When we were kids it was simple, you put on the fake raccoon mascot head, hide out in the bushes and try to find someone else in a

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