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At the same time I was anxious for the party but a little depressed. Although Kyra have invited me to lunch at her mother's place, was not very willing to participate in social

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"Feather me this, feather me that. The feather weaver has got your back," the madman chuckled, his arms frollicking and his eyebrows dancing. There were feathers... everywhere.

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Damn. Pau Gasol is sooooo se-xxxyyyy. Mmmmmm... Sus bolas de regate son como la poesía en el movimiento. Creo que estoy enamorado. Go Lakers!

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Why is it that when the first thing we want to learn in a foreign language is new swear words? You travel & can't ask for directions but can call people mofos?

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I live in a world where the sun and the moon race each other for the happiness humanity. Yesterday for the first time in a while the moon shined so bright that darkness was jealous

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Hello! My name is Taipan and I am a Siamese cat rescued froma sewer. My human, Tom, tells me I neverstop talking, but he has finally found his BFF for life. We are both happy!

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He was a gangly guy, a nipple-ripper alright, with an eye for the ladies and a taste for whiskey. Boasting a purple velvet vest, he zig-zagged into the room, smelling of ambergris.

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This is a tale about the most terrifying anglo-saxon monster to ever walk the earth. Well I say walk but this monster glides!

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This is a test

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