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Jeff & Jane stood hand in hand, their toes hanging over the cliff. "Ready?" Jane nodded. "On the count of 3...One...two...three..." They fell together into the dark precipice.

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Somewhere over the rainbow Kamakawiwo'ole played Over the Rainbow. Anyway, this land over the rainbow is currently shadowed by jungle, so the

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Something interesting is happening here. Have you noticed? The seemingly endless supply of letters, words, and language is running out. There are only so many available. With each

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my name is antwan i am the best i like footbal

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The crazy old coot in the landspeeder was right, those WEREN'T the droids we were looking for! Though, for a second there, they kind of looked a little bit like them - I mean, one

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"How much will my clean bill of health set me back, doc?" I asked. "Hm, $40, plus the cost of hollow pills." It was cheaper to be sick, so I forced a cough. The GP sedated me with

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We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives. Future events such as these will affect you in the future.

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The gamer looked at her, and she expected him to say something romantic, but he said "Wanna play some gta5?"

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The bomb blew up and the mushroom cloud blew out.

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'20' out of 10 gay people

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