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I once had a dream of huge worms with sharp teeth. They ate human meat. I ran and ran. But everywhere I went the worms were there.

Finished: 7/22/17 @ 11:21
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My brain stung like a bee colony was floating around up there. But I took more pills, turned up the radio as I slammed on the gas pedal. I had a wedding I needed to destroy quickly

Finished: 7/19/17 @ 08:20
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"Anything liquid, flammable, perishable, or hazardous in here sir?" "Nope, just a book." Inside was a fruit salad mixed with gasoline stored in a glass bowl. I was sending my ex

Finished: 7/18/17 @ 20:25
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Take it from me: if your recent folds are all about food, you should unskip lunch. Similarly, if they're all about unrequited love, find yourself a sock (I splurge on argyle) and

Finished: 7/21/17 @ 12:50
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The sun was shinning, the birds singing but William was in a foul mood. He stalked his way across the paddock the object of his rage coming closer with each

Finished: 7/9/17 @ 11:42
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Borking Bade is a telecommunications show about two high school English teachers who team up to cook coke. They get Judge Isnt Goodatallman to back them up in court when they get

Finished: 7/12/17 @ 15:16
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There were man like Bob Change, for Bob Change lived up to his name. And not, mind me, on the political way. Bob would come, and Change would follow, like a thurderstorme in Kansas

Finished: 7/21/17 @ 17:51
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Hitragzutus was a minor demon responsible for making shower curtains cling to people while they showered. He longed to be assigned a higher torment by Beelzebub.

Finished: 7/22/17 @ 11:30
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He'd always lived for the little things in life: letting his dog shit in someone else's yard, putting perishable items where they'd surely perish when shopping. But he never though

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Twice upon a time, mortals had two lives. One life was played out on Earth, and the other was played out in a dreamscape. All was well until one day, it merged into one reality.

Finished: 7/20/17 @ 20:00