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Tom looked over the potato, carefully. "Hmm."

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He breathed in the silence. It was his oxygen. Living in the Shadow Lands had chilled his metabolism. But he also could kill without retribution.

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ركض اللص ما بين الأزقّة و الطرقات، هارباً من الشرطي الذي لم يكف عن مطاردته منذ خمسة دقائق. حمل اللص مسدّسه في حزامه و كيس النقود على جانبه الآخر. في نهاية الطريق، وجد اللص نفسه مقا

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"It's my birthday today and I demand a life-sized cake sculpture of my likeness!" Juliyah stomped her heel-clad foot childishly. Papa Poot, her adoptive father, was reddening at

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In 2013 ETS replaced its PRAXIS exams for future teachers with a new, simpler one- the Voight-Kampff test. In the first 5 minutes of testing, over 75 future teachers were revealed

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Agent B52s Tricky mission: find a Cure for the Broken Social Scene. His contact said he’d find a Gold Panda At The Drive-In, under a pile of Cardigans behind the Dirty Projectors.

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Bart pushed himself away from the table. Nothin' like "All-U-Can-Eat Lamb Fries Night" at Sam's Truck Stop. Bart waved away the coconut creme pie he was offered and belched.

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Working as a pizza delivery driver had never been a goal of mine. I'd wanted to be a ghost hunter. But tracking down the paranormal didn't put pizza on the table. But last night,

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I looked at the ingredients label of my pie. "Ingredients: pie" That was it.

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In Bob's back yard, night fell later in summer, but when it fell you couldn't even see the starless sky. Bob sensed something being silent, something that knew he was listening

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