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An ice cream soda was all he wanted.He had this craving for a few days now and it was driving him nuts...Hummm,nuts...caramelized,warm nuts...No!No more cravings,no more sugar,no

Finished: 9/19/17 @ 01:22
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The tall one had on a black on black suit. I recognized him from Dispatch. But the shorter one with the bow tie was eyeballing me in a way I didn't cotton to. He said he wanted me

Finished: 9/12/17 @ 22:58
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Unless, that is all there is to it? Just a pattern you aspire to. Just another notch on your dance card. being fully Human and all of that crap. But what of the mere humans? Where

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The silent engines glowed like embers as the craft rotated itself on the W-Axis to realign with its original slice-coordinates in four-dimensional space. It then coasted down

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I have a fetish about toes. I have ever since I was born.

Finished: 9/1/17 @ 11:22
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Tears ran down Alphonsa's face leaving sooty tracks of mascara. She looked out of the window and the sound of the neighbour's dog barking rang in her head. She couldn't think.

Finished: 8/27/17 @ 14:18
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Why do i constantly have to wake up to the those ringing bells every morning ! I hate it , its bad enough i have to wake up an hour from now , oh well i guess the early bird catch

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once upon a time, there lived a monster who lived in a toy shop. His name was Kevin, his job was to make sure the shop was not broken into at night

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"Look, I already told you, I'M NOT PUTTING IT BACK ON!" I shouted at Colonel Stafford. She looked appalled. "I never wanted to be a part of all this! YOU forced me into it!"

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One day, the giant pixie set out to hunt down a very wise spider. She left the Castle of Azerouth at 1:45pm and headed towards the Blue Lagoon. When she arrived,

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