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I leant on a pillar in aisle 6 reading the nutritional information on a Trader Joe's Belgian Chocolate Pudding. Apparently 'No Belgians were harmed in producing this pudding'. But

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The storm railed against the house with thunder so loud, it was deafening. Then, it happened. The sky opened up and it swallowed me whole.

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Scruntchnugget, Jacob Nealy's pothead cat was central part of his plan to break out of the Big Bone Lick Correctional Facility. Scrunchnugget was supposed to hide in Santas

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Jarrow was only 23 when he chose to join the homeless wealthy. He went and lived wherever he pleased with his portagrid and pocket manifestor (years before the integrator). But whe

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2:25 pm, 10/21/12, the day the Earth was destroyed. For all our fears of alien invasions, asteroid impacts, and supervolcanoes, it was the lowly Sea Monkey that brought about the

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Your lips i taste one mine

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Happiness is making blueberry flap jacks on a Sunday morning.

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Harcourt Chalmers cradled the bowl John Dee had given his ancestor Harry Morlock, a country lad who set out to sea in the 1600s and founded an empire of noodles. But now the emp

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Just so you know, I am narrating again. I told my reflection in the monitor next to my head that he, meaning me, should really go do those dishes that he started on this morning.

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D.I. Hathaway met Jenko and Schmidt at Heathrow. "This new drug called 'Bard Time' cropped up at Exeter. We don't want it getting round the quads." Jenko liked Hathaway. They had a

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