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Spring Flowers

Finished: 3/6/18 @ 23:32
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Did you ever think hey I'm free.I can think what I want.Write what I want. Imagine how much room is up there? What if everyone felt like that.Just being heard. A voice in the fugue

Finished: 3/16/18 @ 18:03
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We were charged with coming up with new cereal concepts revolving around celebrities. Some, like Al Frankenberries, never made it past the concept stage, but others, such as Honey

Finished: 3/9/18 @ 22:36
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Ladies and Gentlemen, are you tired of Disco Clowns stealing the pies off your windowsills? Then try new Chuckle Acidâ„¢, the spray that dissolves clowns in seconds. Just spray and

Finished: 2/26/18 @ 23:43
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It was a sunny Sunday morning and I was so excited to spend the day laying out on the beach. All of a sudden it started raining skittles and my dad was made that much better.

Finished: 3/15/18 @ 23:36
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The Brown Plaid Spinach was "only" a cover band, but most of their covers put the originals to shame. Marty Edgers' worm-eaten Gretsch had something to do with it, haunted by the g

Finished: 3/10/18 @ 09:13
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I didn't want to leave, but I also didn't want to die. My choice was clear. Also the Dark Side promised cookies. You know I love cookies.

Finished: 3/8/18 @ 17:10
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After a night of timeless dreams, I leave and awaken to a day of timeful continuity. After a lifetime of continuity, I leave and awaken to the timeless world above, unfathomable

Finished: 3/8/18 @ 15:51
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He dropped into the backfield. Looking for receivers in the endzone. He pump faked, passed to the open receive. A wail erupted, the QB saw that he'd just thrown a baby

Finished: 3/19/18 @ 15:14
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Tiny organic sigils roiled and mumbled in his new corpus. "Frocking incarnation randomizer!" He had hoped to become a spider crystal of Arcturus -- but no. Human again, despite

Finished: 3/4/18 @ 01:56