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All stories are love stories.

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"Here lies the body of Edward Shakooftuplenetzer. His last name was too strange and such a hassle to spell, the people killed him so they didn't have to put up with this nonsense"

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Hrengor the Beholder floated above his meditation mat, his tentacles in some vague mudra, the Cosmic Light blossoming within. His wife, Betty Bounteous, had mixed feelings about

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Alone, old man Suzuki lived a quiet, rural life in a decrepit hut near Kyoto, the ancient city where his dreams had been crushed, his fortune seized, and his only son kidnapped.

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Lee-Lee cursed her PC. The website she had found allowed her to create stories, but not to add on to others' stories, as she had not enables cookies. "What the hell are cookies?"

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We Are One you and I, we are like the earth and sky, one family under

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"How did the Yankees win the world cup?"

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"You misheard me," I said, hands raised. "I said 'terran-ist.' Means I hold the belief that Mars should be treated as a colony, not independent. Can you put the guns down, please?"

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Pork & beans are funnier than baked beans because they have pork in them. Pork is funny. Pork buns are funny. Bok choy isn't messy enough. Finger sandwiches, eh. Pies - very funny.

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Say what you will but I have never met a bad idea I didn’t like.

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