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He was a melancholic phlegmatic with a mission: have the lowest score on FoldingStory. After months of research he had discovered that the folds that got the least amount of points

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At all costs, I'm just trying to avoid eye contact. I can handle the repugnant smell and deal with the abhorrent facial sores. But if that guy next to me on the bus starts to

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As we developed our technology, we realized that our cosmic cousins might not travel in ships, or even emanations, projections or notions, but might just abide in the pluripotence,

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They say most foldingstories use only a 10th of the capacity of compelling storytelling which would imply an average of one fold in ten that

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"Of course the LGBT community doesn't exist," muttered Dan, adjusting his tinfoil hat. "It's all a government conspiracy." He poked me on the forehead. "So stop acting like you

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Big Bob cut the cheese in homeopathically thin slices because

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What happens when you get bit bt a snowman mixed with a vampire? Frost bite.

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I don't want to do it. Don't make me, please. I can barely string a sentence together, let alone

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I have had two deaths in the family and infection that nearly killed me. I am back and feeling better and ready for some fun on Folding story . Go ahead make my day!

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