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I have recently noticed that some Folders are using Shark Lady, Det. Manatee, and Mrs. Quackenbush as characters in a trifle many (did I just use an oxymoron?) folds..any others?

Finished: 10/4/17 @ 07:59
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I propose that the town of "North Pole" shall be henceforth known by the name "Ho! Ho! Ho!" Furthermore during voting on this measure affirmation shall be indicated by the phrase

Finished: 10/16/17 @ 00:01
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Thirty years later and it still burns my butt that I didn't get the part of the Artful Dodger in that production of Oliver. Story of my life. Just a generic street urchin who

Finished: 9/29/17 @ 13:31
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On an elevator with Ëlvÿs the High Elven Elvis impersonator because the escalator was not actually an option. Since elves do not have the concept of gratitude, he keeps having a

Finished: 10/5/17 @ 15:58
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One day, PurpleProf got online & went into FoldingStory, only to discover that there was no one there. No more MoralEnd, SlimWhitman, 49erFaithful or (horrors!) Inatick. Loneliness

Finished: 10/4/17 @ 08:18
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"What the hell do you think you're doing?" I said as I nodded disapprovingly at the startled student.

Finished: 10/13/17 @ 19:59
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Dave and Flip Floimhaven Flanderhoff were good-natured idiots, but idiots nonetheless. Dave's dad's company devised a time machine, and the two dressed as animals to fight the Nazi

Finished: 9/24/17 @ 17:03
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I've been trapped on this planet for my entire life, without any hope of escaping and returning home, so there's no point in crying; it's time to acquiesce and to get a job.

Finished: 10/14/17 @ 00:29
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If I study English, I'll go to USA

Finished: 10/6/17 @ 17:01
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And there i saw it, it was big, it was harry, and i was cold

Finished: 10/5/17 @ 11:00