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Jarrod Quatermain examined the tatters fluttering on the ruins. "The old ones still remember. The young ones still hope." No, not good, he thought, and logged it in his timestick.

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She put her hand over his heart. Then he put his hand over her hand over his heart. Then she put her other hand over his hand over her hand over his heart. Then he put his other

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"Michael Bolton, Michael Bolton to the white courtesy phone. Samir Na...Na -eye...uh..Na-eye-in-nuh...uh..."

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Gene Rayburn read the card with his perfect diction, "The skydiver was in a panic. When he pulled his ripcord, instead of a parachute, out came a BLANK"

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This was it. She finally invited me to her place. Oh she definitely piqued my curiosity. When she excused herself to slip into something more comfortable, I perused her bookshelf.

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I like my cosy box. It's warm & comfortable. Why do I have to get out of the box to think?

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Sad but truth.Nail polish all over her wedding dress.Her motter told her not to leave it hanging there uncovered!Why did she have to retouch her nail so close tothe fucking dress?U

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The following narrative was found written on a bank statement envelope in the back pocket of a miscreant youth in Arkham, MA. Near the end the writing becomes an illegible scrawl.

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They are the Officials Of the Forever Department. They regularly record the rantings from the Ether Dole that

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All three of us crowded around the Ouija Board. The second, excited, asked "Hey, does using this make us necromancers?" "Nay, 'tis but marked plastic." Noted the fourth.

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