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I've always wondered, "What point is there in American Football? 3 long hours, and they only spend 11 minutes actually using the ball? What do they do with the rest of their time?"

Finished: 8/24/17 @ 17:43
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Zelda zipped Zoloft at zany zebras zig-zagging zealous zealots zonked for zero. "Yes!"

Finished: 9/16/17 @ 04:35
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"Only a fool would fold a foal!" fulminated Frances furiously. "Furthermore,

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An ice cream soda was all he wanted.He had this craving for a few days now and it was driving him nuts...Hummm,nuts...caramelized,warm nuts...No!No more cravings,no more sugar,no

Finished: 9/19/17 @ 01:22
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I recoiled from myself. I fled down dark alleys with dimly sputtering exit signs and dead ends at every turn. I couldn't run far and fast enough, but to my greater horror, wherever

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Note to foldingstory users: I want to make Jakob the jewish refugee and Souperwoman the "thing" of Foldingstory. Please make it happen in the next 9 lines! I'll start it - "Can I?"

Finished: 9/19/17 @ 01:25
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"Perhaps" the professor droned on, "on another Earth the War of Northern Aggression might have been lost by the Glorious South - but of course that is nothing but pure poppycock."

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I nervously boarded the cargo elevator, my enigmatic guide sliding the door shut and flipping the switch. We began to descend deep into the earth. I was nervous, but I needed to kn

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My wife left me because of my wandering eyes. I couldn't blame her. I sighed and switched on my sonar before I got out of bed. It sounded like they were in the kitchen cabinets ag

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I’d always wondered what would happen when I opened that door.

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