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"Myron take a look at this huge spherical blue object in front of the Sun from NASA's satellite feed of STEREO1. I told you UFOs are real!" "Um. Isn't that the Earth?" "No way!

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He told the women that Gabriel had told him that he was to father the new Messiah. He also told him that the demons also knew and would try to stop him. So he needed to have sex wi

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When you're russian for food, there is no time for Stalin. KGB.

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If I go to bed now,

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Wendy was just about to go to sleep when she saw something. It was a young bird, flying with feather in his cap, and a pan flute. It Was Squawkers Pan. She was so delighted.

Finished: 7/1/20 @ 12:46
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Please, FS goddess, grant this story coherence & by your grace may this fold fruitfully spawn more folds of brilliant wit, erudition & other qualities tba at yr convenience

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"Yeah, I have gay characters, so what?" She typed. The other author seemed amused. "R u gay or sumthin" He replied. She rolled her eyes at the spelling errors. "Who gives a fuck?

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Prof. Ivey's widow received his mortal remains six months later. As the young officer who had brought them rode away, Miss Prunella noticed the box only contained a seal envelope.

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The local wildlife keeps finding its way into my house, no matter how well I try to secure it. Just this morning, I awoke to a buck sniffing at my laptop, and a raccoon sifting thr

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