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How are lucky are we that the Second Coming is starting during a census year? The whore of Babylon has her G10 headed beast to ride upon. The McRib is here for a limited time only.

Finished: 3/20/20 @ 19:02
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Mind reading is very real & anyone can do it. You just need total concentration & practice. Try it at your next family function. You'll need to stare directly at them for at least

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Bob went outside for a walk, he hadn't seen the sun in days. The bright sun forced him to squint as he walked along the sidewalk. Few cars passed by him as he explored the world.

Finished: 3/29/20 @ 19:44
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"Kisetsu Sentai Shizenger! Form up!" "Spring Ranger, ready!" "Summer Ranger, ready!" "Autumn Ranger, ready!" "Winter Ranger, ready!" "Alright, Maosen! Your time has come to an end!

Finished: 3/3/20 @ 09:56
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I wanna be a brilliant geezer. It's what I aspire to. Right now I'm working on having enough life changing experiences. The tricky part really is surviving into old age to tell abo

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Floating toilets to bring humans safely to outer space were invented in the year 2014.

Finished: 3/21/20 @ 14:42
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A great deal of confusion could certainly have been avoided if the organizers of the inaugural skin cancer prevention awareness gala hadn't titled the conference: ForSkin!

Finished: 3/7/20 @ 23:01
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"You don't understand. No one does. God. My leg is made of a stack of Krispey Kremes. Do you know how hard it is to put my damn shoes on?!?! Of course you don't!" Shouter Ted

Finished: 3/18/20 @ 11:43
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Having ran for hours, Sam knew that the only way he could prevent the moon from crashing into his home town of Sunnydale was to

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