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Dave entered the Comfort Zone and decided to claim it as his own. Dave built his home in the Comfort Zone and never wanted to leave. The Comfort Zone was

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Let me tell you a story about a man named Jedi.

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Take a fist and put it through a Zombies chest, grab whatever hot and salty goo is in there and twist. That's how I like to start my morning. Grim. Fetid. Committed.

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When New York's Macys unfurled the balloons for another Thanksgiving's day parade, no one knew what had been left in the back in 1924.

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Neon is great when you see it star star I see a star.

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I know it is custom for the husband to build the house after marriage but I can just build my own.

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It all happened so fast! I remember waking up from the couch in my darkened living room, the light in the hallway on. Standing in the doorway was the massive silhouette of

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The Sun screamed, and Barnes smiled. "Such a miracle, brethen" He muttered

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We'd arranged to meet at our usual place: under the diplodocus's tail at the museum. Tourists were sitting around surrounded by their possessions like refugees fleeing a war zone

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The elephant, the giraffe and the ant where drinking at the tavern. Again. The elephant bought a round for his friends because, well, it was payday and why the hell not?

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