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I sometimes wonder if I am eating a banana too loudly. Or maybe I’m swallowing water wrongly. Behavior that is far from the norm. Then I remember the norm is what none of us is.

Finished: 11/20/19 @ 18:47
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Smoking weed is one of the best things I can do, but tonight

Finished: 12/4/19 @ 05:37
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First it was the email about the unclaimed dog poop. Then came the email about cleaning up the dribble on your own private property. Next came the claim that even a dog unattended

Finished: 12/5/19 @ 03:16
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Sometimes, I sit and think about all the things that need to be written. The words flow down my arms, over my elbows and through the ends of my fingers to emerge outside my body on

Finished: 11/26/19 @ 18:32
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Within the confines of the TechnoCave, the Miasma Theorists stuck to their guns. "I'll believe what I want, this is a free country." "That's the miasma talking, Jen. Freedom? Here?

Finished: 11/10/19 @ 19:31
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The patient has an impossible body type and is far too thin for her height The Patient has been admitted after having compulsions to respond to partying requests with "aww aww yea"

Finished: 11/19/19 @ 12:33
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Have you ever wondered what lies beyond perception? It wouldn't be fair to say that Frida was blind; she could see clearly in fact, some say even more so than your average person.

Finished: 11/12/19 @ 20:41
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Al took his singing masturbation act on the road, reinventing himself as “Sonny Bone-OH!” Song parodies like “Beat the Meat Goes On” & “A Cowboy Jerks It Till He’s Done” were Al’s

Finished: 11/24/19 @ 22:00
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Cranberry the Cat ate Dolly the Duckling with some apple sauce. Damian the Dog ate Cranberry the Cat with Dijon mustard. Felix the Fox ate Damian the Dog with celeriac remoulade

Finished: 12/5/19 @ 13:12
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Dan stepped into the darkened house. He paused, sensing he wasn't alone. He called out shakily, "Hello?" A long pause, then the lights flicked on. "Surprise! Happy Thanksgivukkah!"

Finished: 11/27/19 @ 14:17