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Who would have thought that Yuru was capable of murder in cold blood! He looked away from the monitor, his eyes tired and sleepy after looking at a screen for 167 years.

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I sat in class. Mindlessly typing. Trying my best just to get through the assignments without throwing a computer out the window. Technology just has never been my thing.

Finished: 5/25/18 @ 18:40
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There was an old man who is known to resolve any problem. One day a girl went to the old man and asked for a piece of advice about

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Takeshi Migamoto ran and ran, until he could not run anymore. He collapsed in front of a karaoke bar. Had he lost them? He heard the Yakuza thugs shouting far behind. He entered

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I heard this story, bit by bit,from various people, &, as usually happens in such cases,each time it was different but each time just as true, but it alway started with the spatula

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Testing...1..2..she said into the microphone, her hands shaking at her sides.

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I miss her cigarette stained teeth, her stringy, dirty hair. I don't care she smells like Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup or she has a unibrow. Ivanka Spanka and I are in love.

Finished: 5/24/18 @ 08:38
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Went through a red light: -10 points. Didn't park in the handicapped zone: +20 points. I looked down at the grand total for my karma budget. Hot Dog! Enough to rob a bank!

Finished: 6/12/18 @ 13:18
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Amanda Widdershins woke with a shock to find her estranged sister Carlotta sitting on her bed, staring at her. "I saw the shadow of the Manatee here," Carlotta insinuated. Amanda b

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The committee was a conglomeration of nincompoops, busy bodies, and ne'er-do-wells. They were the puppet masters behind the movie ratings board.

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