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It was good to be back. Ninja Pope surveyed Milan from his penthouse, chewing on his lit Cuban, a nasty habit picked up in Nicaragua, where he'd been hiding. To get back into shape

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Adam was starving by the time the lunch bell rang. He rushed to the cafeteria and saw

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The noise echoed in my ear, the sound of the rope hitting the bottom. It came an hour after I threw the one end down the cliff. All I needed to do was get down and save humanity.

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No doctor it is not the infection I am worried about, its the vertigo and sporadic bouts of levitation.

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She was very appreciative of my services and promised to cure me of my Coulrophobia. She told me that we needed to steal the emperor's first child

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I just cry.

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Several things were wrong with Tony and Lila's relationship. Lila, fresh off her gap year in Prague, often lamented Tony's lack of ambition and his bad sense of irony.

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As an artist, I am often questioned about the thought process that I enabled me to come up with my unique structures. My most recent work is being unveiled in the square of the

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Black beans, black beans, have you any wool? Yessir, yessir, uracil.

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I wanna live with a Cinnamon Girl.

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