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Mickey and Minnie Mouse had just broken it up. It was awful!

Finished: 1/13/18 @ 20:56
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Solitare game: Contents: Instructions, one pawn, one card, one square chess board, one-sided die, pencil, score sheet.

Finished: 12/29/17 @ 11:43
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"Out out damn spot", she cried out helplessly

Finished: 1/11/18 @ 18:34
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The day the whale fell on top of the bus I was riding to the doctor's office is one that will live in infamy. I am lucky to be alive to tell you the true story in a folding story!

Finished: 12/27/17 @ 00:08
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The reason I was sick on Thursday was because of an incident on Friday which took so much soul out of me that it's effects were felt the day before the cause.

Finished: 12/26/17 @ 20:48
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I communicated with aliens through my intergalactic, double band, high frequency modulation, dinodal quantum, crystalmethanolitic, marijunolitic, hexagonal triple breasted nipple

Finished: 12/30/17 @ 11:33
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Between the drummers and the flames, Viktor Kamchatkin swayed in shaman's garb. His attendants gripped his chains. "In the year of the White Orca" he droned as his eyes rolled up

Finished: 12/31/17 @ 21:41
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"Eh, look, I don't want to be rude, but I'm not much of a conversationalist, and I really want to finish this article, a friend of mine wrote it, so... " "Don't let me stand in you

Finished: 1/15/18 @ 07:36
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Allie carried in the last of her stuff. Phew! First year of college DONE! Made it on the Dean's List too. But should tell her parents what she really learned at college this year?

Finished: 1/5/18 @ 19:21
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He grinned at me, a devilish grin and not the handsome kind but the kind that made your blood boil. The only thing holding me back were theses chains.

Finished: 1/15/18 @ 16:32