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Chicken pen buyin' a Monkey's cousin eggs at your local market ya should always goose's Gregory Peck ter clock if any 're cracked. Wahn day I forgot ter goose's Gregory Peck me egg

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I merged onto I-5 north, prepared for several hours of sensory deprivation. Boredom. Flipping through my CD wallet I saw an unlabeled disk I didn't' recognize. Huh. I inserted it

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"A fat lady's ass." Dr. Nexus showed him another inkblot. "A box of Krispy Kremes." Billy spoke flatly. "And this?" "My mother." Dr. Nexus looked at me and nodded imperceptibly.

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After Disney sucked it dry and left it to die in the form of 23 installments, the Star Wars franchise received a little mouth-to-mouth from the adult film industry. Episode XXX was

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"Hi, Y'All. Today we're making Black Strap Molasses Bacon Cookie Pancake Butter Cream Puffs with a Bourbon Vanilla Fudge Twinkie sauce," gushed Paula Dean. Her eyes gleamed like

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Sheltie looked at Human square in the eye, and began the mind-meld. "Look into my eyes, you are getting very guilty, guilty because you have not give me the bacon."

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A young married woman was burdened with the problems of married life and approached her mother. Her mother took 3 pots of boiling water. In one she inserted a carrot, in another

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All a zombie has to write on its shopping list is BRAINS, then underline it once or twice. But MY shopping list covers a whole used envelope, both sides. Problems!

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Sure people liked Andy, Opie and Goober. You have your big fans of Floyd the Barber. But I always had my heart stolen by that self-deprecating officer of the law, my Barney.

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There are multiple parallel universes that go out to infinity. Every action has an alternative action. In one, you take two sheets from the roll; in another, five. In another, you

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