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The night before our departure, I could hardly contain my excitement. Leaving for Ireland for a marching band performance was the opportunity of a lifetime, especially for St. Patr

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In marigolds appareled, he entered the throne room of the Lizard Lady Queen. "You know that I don't like marigolds," she snapped. "Now put some clothes on." Gurfo Mettra disc

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Tranquillityite, while common on the moon is rare on Earth. Hence the lunar powers of

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"It's an interesting case, Detective. Apparently this news crew was filming a man being mauled and shredded by feral cats, when they were all blind-sided by something -- else."

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You gaze in horror at the screen of your computer. Your story...your folding story had been perfect! And they completely changed the topic! Your eyes glow red as you reach for the

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jhwtrudyfgmewjfjdemkdkfdfskl (and much gibberish was spoken that day...)

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Bubba slid the beat-up wooden box out from under his twin bed and puffed the dust off the top. It had been a long time since he had seen inside. He unsealed the top and uncovered

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Once upon a time, there was a dolphin in the ocean, his name was Johny. He had two tails.... and not being a fox that knows a hedghog, he had no place in life... He had to fix

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He was a slobbish lowlife. He lounged around on his couch all day, downing a few bags of potato chips every few minutes. One day, his life changed when a young salesman arrived at

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Mr. Paddock loved pickled herring sandwiches. He'd eat them with "sailor bread" and drink raspberry soda. Because he never brushed his teeth they were fishy and red.

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