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A third culture kid

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Speak power to you. You soak it up. You get higher. You're transcendent. Let go and embrace it. Flow with the Flow to where it is going. Feel good. He happy. The captain asks that

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An astronaut, a witch doctor and Suzanne Somers walked into a bar. "Ow" said Suzanne, as she had walked into a particularly pointy part of the bar. The astronaut held open the

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If you're reading this sentence, it means I'm likely dead.

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I'm sitting on the couch; my dog's been snoring for the last 15 minutes. All at once he began flicking his paws back and forth while growling, mouth half closed. This was another

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In a rush to save the lust of your life, you

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Interbelt mining corporation read the insignia on the ship. Sargent Beck wasn't buying it. The airlock hatch opened & he greeted the Ship's laison who glanced at the DEA agents dog

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"So this fella" said Nock, "how will I recognise him?" Nick sighed "Because, Nock, he will be wearing a hat styled like a guitar amplifier".

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Your grandfather was injured in a freak elk hunting accident while reading 'literature' in the outhouse. Uncle Russes shot ricocheted off the elks antlers through the moon cutout

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