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"I'm sorry, sir, but all of you need to die except one." Jack was shocked. "Look, it's great that cheap nanoreps let you visit all your global friends, but Earth is overheating and

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The ochre yellow oozed off of the canvas in a distinct puddle on the museum floor. The night watchman didn't notice, and casually walked through it.

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Hambone hambone have you heard?

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A brunette, a redhead, and a blonde are stranded on a deserted island. A magical lamp washed up on the shore and out popped a Genie, "I will grant each one of you one wish!"

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"Daddy, tell the story about the transgendered Gingerbread Boy again." "Honey, it's past your bedtime." "Please, Daddy?" "Oh alright. Once upon time there was a little gingerbread

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And for the 57th pick of the NFL Draft, the Saint Louis Rams pick

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I saw a sailor in there. I also saw another sailor over there near that. Another two over there by that riverbend and also at that oxbow. I didn’t see them for nothing and neither

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...and Annie Lennox was a vampire pirate and there were the Pet Shop Boys in cone hats and Queen with some girl and that guy from Arthur ( the other guy) was the Walrus and

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I hate it when I fold a fold, only to discover that I contributed to a story on a steep downward spiral. It's a waste of my time & talent & if it happens again, I'm gonna

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How could I change the life that I have? should I

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