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Once upon a time there was a dragon who lived in a cave. Every so often Sally, who lived up the road, would visit the dragon, telling it all of her secrets. But one day the dragon

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"RACISM! RACISM! RACISM!" He roared. Just in case we hadn't got the message he roared it a few more times before looking directly at me and adding "

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That old bag is made of cells. Cells are bags of liquid and proteinaceous glob. They contain organelles. Organelles are just smaller bags with more liquid and glob. Tea bag theory

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Thanks, I already did. Help yourself by helping others. You don't believe that chicken. I don't either. A nice country ham has no regrets; a good one has a few. But the best swine

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There is very little time left. 24 hours to be exact. If I don't shut it off the world will be destroyed

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The worst part of all of this is everyone telling me it will all be fine, that time heals all wounds and they're praying for me like somehow that will bring them back.I'm no child,

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I landed with a dull thud atop a lilly which gave way and I was soon submerged in the pond. The silence of the gold fish was

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"Absence makes the heart grow fonder." My stepfather's mom was known to pronounce that old chestnut at the drop of a hat. But as a kid, I always thought she said "abcess," since

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I'd never smoked bath salts before. I'd never done any drug before. But here I was, high on bath salts on my way to church.

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hola esta es la historia de una chica que salio de su casa una noche y por culpa de la inseguridad de las politicas kirchneristas esa chica nunca mas voloviĆ³

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