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Twenty minutes. That's how long I have left until I find out the truth. Am I really made up of mostly water like most humans are or am I really just a bag of cockatoos? Either way

Finished: 2/5/20 @ 23:14
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My phone rang, I answered and I heard: Hi my name is Bob and I like pie

Finished: 1/19/20 @ 14:29
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His mind fevered but ready, Rodion knocked politely on the pawnbroker's door. But when bloody Lizzie Borden opened the door instead of Alyona Ivanova, he staggered back, his mind

Finished: 1/22/20 @ 00:33
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Acme delivered the death ray the next day. Inside, however, there was only a toilet plunger and a small pamphlet entitled "So You've Bought Your First Death Ray". Wile E. was not

Finished: 1/20/20 @ 10:03
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Personally I think this is very weird. Sitting here waiting for someone to add to a story is time-consuming. Let's make this story interesting. I'm starting it with one word, door.

Finished: 1/21/20 @ 13:41
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The girl ran to the landline, exasperated. She dialed 911 with shaky hands. She stood there, heart racing, eyes frantically searching the room for a threat.

Finished: 1/22/20 @ 00:19
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The best way to end the day is with a nice warm glass of...

Finished: 1/21/20 @ 12:11
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As I stand outside in the middle of the street, wind and snow slap around my hair. I thought to myself, "This was a mistake" as I was standing in a blizzard

Finished: 1/20/20 @ 16:31
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When will these plows cease? When will the ice thin? How can a girl live in degrees like this? Besides cuddled up with her fat cat in toasty pajamas.

Finished: 1/21/20 @ 19:08
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mayday mayday mayday

Finished: 2/13/20 @ 22:53