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Being she was extremely bored and felt like doing nothing but writing, the young girl opened a draft in her email to begin a story, and stopped. She had an unread email.

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It was broken. Nobody knew why. But that was a lie. Vincent knew that there was a very real threat sitting in the school hall. Was it a teacher, a child or one of parents?

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When I told my grandpa that "Baby It's Cold Outside" is actually a song about date rape, he flipped his lid and told me I needed to stop ca-noodling with my tree-hugging friends.

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In Boston shaker, coat 1oz ice with dry vermouth,give a quick stir,strain ice,pour off vermouth.Add 2 oz London Dry gin to ice.STIR,DO NOT SHAKE! Strain into chilled cocktail glass

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I was reading a book on my phone when an interrupting phone call came through on my watch. "Crap" I smelled. It was my wife-in-law. She'd sat in some elephant pellets and needed

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Anne met her boyfriend at Facebook.He was a friend of a friend of a friend whom she used to play a few games with.Virtual games.The kind of games children were not supposed to play

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I was tending bar at Mel Cooley's when Alan Brady sat down and ordered a Buddy Sorrell on the rocks, but I screwed up and served him a Sally Rogers straight up, and he got pissed

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It was a dark and stormy night. As frozen snowflakes beat against the lead windows, Kris Kringle was dipping his wick in Mrs. Claus's hot bubbling wax.

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I find it odd that too often a story will say about somebody "they were never seen nor heard from again" and the very next folder will have us hearing or seeing them again.

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