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You can't blame Sidney for farting as a defence against unspeakable dread. It gave her courage & distance from the unfolding carnage & the retched smell kept the killer at bay

Finished: 2/28/18 @ 17:01
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That one debbie downer of the group.. wow never thought I could be sooo

Finished: 3/5/18 @ 10:53
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She pointed out the feathers, gags, & whips. Grandmama seemed to like those the most; she had a lot of them. She had her safe word tattooed on her lower back but we couldn't see it

Finished: 3/18/18 @ 20:12
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When folding stories, I find it a lot better than drinking on St. Patrick's day. Too many drunks in Andetsdonville, my mum complained. Better to fold storied, she told me whilst

Finished: 3/8/18 @ 12:30
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He rolled over thinking she was talking in her sleep. No, she was quietly dreaming. He looked at her for a minute, never thinking he'd have a love so deep and real. She was fake

Finished: 3/3/18 @ 12:44
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I was paralyzed. All I could do was watch the ghostly white Count open his maw to drink the blood from my neck but when I saw his teeth, instead of two sharp fangs, two cashews

Finished: 2/22/18 @ 23:04
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The waiter left her spinach but took her fork, then her husband stole her knife and screamed at the shitty waiter that the knife was dirty.

Finished: 3/12/18 @ 14:18
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Hi my name is dickjvnsdjv kdjm vosuk vidf bvs vbmsbvj xj ms ib v uf

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Quetzalcoatl, Czernobog and a sentient hamster named Myrtle walked into a bar on Tenerife. Quetzalcoatl ordered a Sex on the Beach, Czernobog a Jack and Coke, and Myrtle

Finished: 3/4/18 @ 23:16
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Something weird happened to me today. I was sitting at work when I noticed a doorway appear out of the corner of my eye, but when I turned to look at the doorway, it disappeared.

Finished: 2/21/18 @ 12:46