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Once upon a time there was a dragon who lived in a cave. Every so often Sally, who lived up the road, would visit the dragon, telling it all of her secrets. But one day the dragon

Finished: 12/7/19 @ 18:10
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Unmoving, I stared into the mirror contempulating the reflection glaring back at me that was not my own. I shuffled my feet and with this slight movement the relfection...

Finished: 11/10/19 @ 19:38
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The vampire laid down on the silk sheets feeling tired.The idea of getting a coffin crossed his mind and it made him smile.She was trustworthy,but maybe he should make ajustments.

Finished: 11/12/19 @ 18:47
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The Rat-King tweeked his wiskers and observed Sewer Kingdom from high up on his throne (which is basically a pipe). Rat underlings scuttled to and fro

Finished: 11/12/19 @ 17:44
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I landed with a dull thud atop a lilly which gave way and I was soon submerged in the pond. The silence of the gold fish was

Finished: 11/23/19 @ 18:53
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The name of this story is The Suitcase. It takes place in 1974 on the banks of the Maumee River just north of Toledo, near where it runs into Lake Erie. It opens upon a boy & girl.

Finished: 12/4/19 @ 05:46
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"Absence makes the heart grow fonder." My stepfather's mom was known to pronounce that old chestnut at the drop of a hat. But as a kid, I always thought she said "abcess," since

Finished: 11/16/19 @ 14:28
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The worst part of all of this is everyone telling me it will all be fine, that time heals all wounds and they're praying for me like somehow that will bring them back.I'm no child,

Finished: 12/7/19 @ 09:10
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I was walking around in the city of Brazil when I stopped to go on a tour in the Amazon that my friend had told me about. The tour guide had asked me questions for no reason.

Finished: 12/5/19 @ 03:10
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It's not even a question of 'if', but really 'how often' do you see something that you know is there and then you look again and it's gone, or changed. That's

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