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"Num ninho de mafagafos,tem sete mafagafinhos...Quando a mafagafa guinfa,guinfam os sete mafagafinhos."

Finished: 5/21/20 @ 09:56

“Bang! BANG! BANG!” A man came out of the bushes holfing a gun while running. Annabeth screamed as if her lungs would burst

Finished: 5/16/20 @ 14:53
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Once upon a time, a princess who was very revealing, she did not like to wear dresses, heels, jewelry or crowns, she liked to bring pants, tennis, play soccer, nintendo..

Finished: 5/1/20 @ 22:22
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Train on the water, boat on the track. Train on the water, boat on the track. My lady took the train across the Atlantic. I hope it don't sink like the Titanic.

Finished: 5/3/20 @ 08:16
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Are we not elves?

Finished: 5/18/20 @ 23:28
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This is a story about a secret castle, where lives a little prince and many amazing animals, actually they are friends. You can take this story as a fairy tale, but it doesn't.

Finished: 5/2/20 @ 18:39
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It wasn't until a year ago that I realized the full power the National Wasp Socialist Party has on our nation. As a child, every boy and girl gets stung once or twice, but

Finished: 5/21/20 @ 18:23
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Some things will never go as planned and Andy had to admit that to himself. Justice would never be dealt, she was too clever and unpredictable for them. "There's only one thing

Finished: 5/22/20 @ 17:03
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My name is Olivia. I am 22 –year-old. I and my family have our own small farm in countryside of Islam. For me I didn’t have a good skills of learning.

Finished: 5/16/20 @ 10:06
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Every moment the amount of information that was being saved by every server on the internet was that much more information that somebody knew about anybody on the planet. Even you.

Finished: 5/7/20 @ 06:10