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Potato wondered why the pool looked so bubbly and odd today. He shrugged and jumped in anyway, ready for a relaxing swim. He didn't expect the sensation of his insides being fried

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To err is human; to forgive, divine...to drink is to be merry; to vomit, gross...to be in love is fantastic; to have sex, even better...these are just a few of my favorite proverbs

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A woman beacame sick and when she felt her end was drawing near, she called her only child to her bedside.

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Billy Mays here with the new OxiClean detergent ball! Get on the ball! The OxiClean detergent ball!

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Jack loved the way his spandex socks contoured to his feet. the feel of the tight fabric against his toes. The way they cradled his ankles. Jack was ready for anything involving

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Alain made ink from a cinder. "I implore you, Monique, please rescue your desperate cousin! Mme Crieucq has made me her love slave while squandering my inheritance. I have not a

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This guide can be used alone as a beginner's handbook. To begin capitalist mediation you must first find a quiet place where you can block out

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Mirna was convinced the rat was her father. He had her exact eye color. Even his foot twitched, like hers when she was nervous! She picked him up by his long tail and hid him in

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"No, Jaspers did not write your name on the couch in sharpie. Come out of your room when you are ready to tell the truth." Closing the door, I looked at the dog. "We need to talk."

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It was raining outside. Lightning crashed somewhere in the distance. I was staring up at the masked vigilante who'd just broke down my door. I'd never forget what happened next.

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