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They decided to hold their wedding in the office elevator. "...because" Margo gushed, "that's where we met!" She sighed. The caterer scratched his head. "How many guests?" he asked

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"Stealing from children and murdering mimes, these are a few of my favorite crimes!" Julie Andrews was drunk again. She twirled into the groping mitts of the notorious producer,

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"Foldy pants foldy pants, and you like baline ball buddy." "Oh yeah? Oh yeah? Well same to you buddy!"

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Europa, dazzled by the beauty of the white bull, let it lick her hand. Then tipping its horns the bull (aka Zeus) rolled her onto its back and plunged into the ocean towards Asia.

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Soon sinkholes began appearing all over Florida, and within a week, a quarter of state had disappeared to God-knows-where. It was then that scientists made the shocking discovery

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Once upon a time, there are a really bad monkey, a bear and a bird.

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Chapter 53. Dear Reader, I assure you that we have nearly reached the beginning of my story - which is to say, the night of my birth - but that cannot be properly understood unless

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Lieutenant colonel John Dykeson sat alone as he always did from 15 00 - 16 30. The lamp's yellow light cast a jaundiced pallor over his drawn skin. A fan moved but the air was too

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I am facing a moral dilemma. If I vote for GreenBanana's recent folds, I'll knock myself off of the Leaderboard. But if I don't, it's like I'm lying about GB's contributions. What

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