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All stories are love stories.

Finished: 5/21/18 @ 14:39
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"Here lies the body of Edward Shakooftuplenetzer. His last name was too strange and such a hassle to spell, the people killed him so they didn't have to put up with this nonsense"

Finished: 5/23/18 @ 00:41
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Today is the past of tomorrow. Lets make it a good past for the future. Vote for Plastic for a Shiny Malleable Nation. Vote with your BeastChip when you're thinking about nothing.

Finished: 6/5/18 @ 00:06
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Trenia walked into the studio with an open mind and wounded heart. She was seeking solace in art and peace in creativity. Oh, the couple of martinis she'd indulged in didn't hurt

Finished: 5/25/18 @ 19:38
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One brisk and hazy but bright morning between winter and summer, Cookie Monster, E.T., and Yoda walked into a Charbucks and got into the line.

Finished: 6/7/18 @ 23:13
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Grade a paper, take a sip of merlot, check FoldingStory. Grade a paper, take a sip of merlot, check FoldingStory. Grade a paper, take a sip of merlot, then another sip, check

Finished: 6/13/18 @ 13:18
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In the great clockwork of the heavens a tiny sphere passes before the furnace and life giver, a speeding messenger of melting lead, an interloper skimming her plasma winds

Finished: 6/4/18 @ 01:59
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Sam the trunk murderer was asleep on the sofa one morning when his mom came downstairs. "Sam! Clean up this mess!" "Aw, but mom, it's ONLY A TORSO!" Mom was furious. "I'm sick of

Finished: 6/5/18 @ 09:14
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Say what you will but I have never met a bad idea I didn’t like.

Finished: 5/22/18 @ 11:14
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The trick was to have at least one more world than you had illusions. If you had equal or less the illusions died. But with that extra world you could have the illusions feeding on

Finished: 5/30/18 @ 08:15