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"Wow, what's THIS?" The taste tester's eyes lit up as he took another bite. Product developers at McDonald's knew they had a hit on their hands when they created the Tripe Burger.

Finished: 7/23/18 @ 05:05
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Can you guys tell me your best cooking recipe for fish, meat, veggies or I dont know dessert?

Finished: 8/6/18 @ 22:27
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Ever since Jen had purchased the dancewriterâ„¢, her writer's block and extra pounds were a thing of the past. Today she'd tap danced an essay on Exercise Software for New Yorker

Finished: 7/19/18 @ 16:42
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The doorbell rang and I excused myself to answer at it. Standing there was the old man from the State Farm commercial, with his fishing rod with a dollar bill baiting the hook. "I

Finished: 7/21/18 @ 12:21
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The mystical mermaid quickly swam through the choppy waves. She knew she had to get back to her cove before the tide rolled in.

Finished: 8/5/18 @ 16:53
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"Hello? Yes, hello this is Dingy Donk. Is this Gingerbread Guy?" Dingy was hopeful that this time it would be different, that his new college roommate liked smelling shoe too.

Finished: 7/19/18 @ 14:48
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Gwendolen was going to end world poverty that morning, but instead frittered the time away on ebay bidding for oddly shaped vegetables. The postman knocked delivering a parcel

Finished: 8/8/18 @ 19:09
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Having just completed my meta-analysis of all 84,025 folds to date, and correcting for coincidence, collusion, and allowed randomization, I have concluded that

Finished: 8/1/18 @ 15:12
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The day started like any other. My alarm buzzed. After letting out a groan I climbed out of bed. I got dressed, ate breakfast, and got ready for work. That's when I noticed it.

Finished: 8/7/18 @ 08:27
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When Frankie drew a picture of a little red train, and said when he grew up, he wanted to be an engineer who drove trains backwards, his mother smiled but inwardly rolled her eyes

Finished: 8/7/18 @ 16:46