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I was rollerblading in front of my house at top speed carrying a huge pot of boiling water. Suddenly

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Nortessa and Jang surveyed the poor young Earth through the aumbrous visibulbs of their temposhiff. "Not yet, my dear. They *are* trying. Some of them, many of them anyway," said J

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I think I might be a porcupine because a porcupine would feel just like I do right now.

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His fingers whizzed along the piano keys playing a dashing musical atmospheric pulse around the concert hall. What the crowd didn't know is that these were the notes of a magical

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"Do you like my new frock?" she asked. "Do you want the long or the short answer?" he replied. "Oh, long please!" she said fetching a notebook and sharp pencil. "Well, the bias cut

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I should have filled my summer house with crack cocaine and pimp tattoo sex freaks. I called my real estate agent and proposed

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Fire on Sunset! We were in gym playing volleyball as we smelled and tasted the scent of something burning. In minutes, an announcement was made saying, "Please teachers keep all

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There once was a transvestite from Nantucket, whose

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Jim felt sporty and foxy as he ran along the avenue, legs flashing, pecs boasting -- he was in The Zone! But a haunted man blocked his path. He sounded Russian. "Nyet! Eto Zona!" J

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