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Zombies are functioning members of our society, just like you and me. Now I don't want to hear any complaints about prejudice, because after all, we are all equal. Except they get

Finished: 12/7/18 @ 18:58
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"The trouble with you Brits," Zac the US intern opined, "is that you don't say what you mean." "I say exactly what I mean but you don't understand what I'm saying." I retorted. Zac

Finished: 11/24/18 @ 11:45
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I told myself I would never do it even as I knew I would if I told myself to. But would I? I hadn't given myself anything but heartache since... there was a time. Besides, I wasn't

Finished: 11/26/18 @ 06:02
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Barry Manilow stole into my room last night at 3 a.m. At first I thought it was a dream, but when he crawled into my bed & began singing "Mandy," I knew something was up.

Finished: 11/23/18 @ 16:34
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I have too many skeletons and not enough space to keep them.

Finished: 12/13/18 @ 12:21
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If I were a bird I'd fly away.

Finished: 12/9/18 @ 19:05
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The city of Hoboken's police surveillance drone program was off to a bad start. A rogue drone blew up Homeless Stan's cardboard residence. Luckily Stan was lunching @ the soup kitc

Finished: 11/28/18 @ 18:19
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Kane stared into the inter dimensional portal, into the abyss, her demise. “Walk forward, ma’am.” She was told. She didn’t want to die, to freeze or suffocate in space...

Finished: 11/22/18 @ 23:12
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Ug was tired of being the scapegoat for bad hunt magic & promised Thag two bear skins & a nearly new flint arrow head to kill the Shaman. "Thag gonna tell Shaman if you don't give

Finished: 11/29/18 @ 19:27
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It all began one dark, dark, stormy night...

Finished: 11/27/18 @ 02:12