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Palmistry demonstrated to me that the hand is the spider of the soul. What I ask you is the sole of the foot? I tell you verily after years of podiatric study your foot *snifff*

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Dreams come so true, but nightmares

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Let me begin by declaring that I have not now, had not in the past, and will not in both the near and distant future have conversation with or attempt to collude with anyone from

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Зефир празднует Новый год Сказать спасибо тем, кто сделал ваш год прекрасным Важно поблагодарить тех, кто сделал ваш год особенным! Говорите чаще спасибо - жизнь вам улыбнется!

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ARPB Board minutes. January 12, 2013. Council member Jones presented his proposal for impeachment. Charmain Donnely yelled and threw a chair. Bailiff Stuggart restrained Chairman

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It's morning, with the sun breaking the landscape, everyone's asleep, with the little mouse slowly stirring. It becomes obvious that it's now that time.

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Faster and faster, nothing could slow us down. We exploded from the tunnel into the open night sky, stars glimmering above us, the world calmly waiting below. It happened, we flew

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Only Me... I was walking down to the tea shop craving tea It's really cold here, white fluff falling on my hat and fluffy jacket. I opened the doors to meet a warm breeze.

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Austin Dental Bridge: A New Look It is the era of beauty consciousness everywhere. All that people worry all over the world is majorly about how they look. A woman who does not hav

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It is friendly and polite to say "Hello" when you see someone you know. In the morning you can say "Good morning" or when you pass someone in the hall you can say "HI".

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