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Numbers float above everyone's head. The numbers count down with every passing second. They announce the time of that person's death. Ahead of me, a little girl had only 5 minutes

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"All right, all right, all right. I'm gonna run into one today. I ain't lying. I feel it in my bones, baby. Gonna give one a ride. . .deep. . .far into the October night!"

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We are being forced to use this site, how much fun is that???

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The hungry space monkey goes to school on the moon.

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He trained the blood with my name. Every Briterise he sang my name to it. The blood was learning me; only me. No other blood knew anybody. They only carried them; they were a conv

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The night grew dark under the star. Ashley Joghson was a Books tore Owner. On this night was different. The sounds of the bugs creeked louder then ever before. The trees were

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Dirk was so attached to Christine that when she met an untimely end in a car accident, he was heartbroken. At the funeral in the junkyard (he called it the car cemetery) his eulogy

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Ruth looked at me, waiting for an answer - her bright blue eyes magnified by her giant spectacles and the lines on her old, tender face were furrowed in confusion. I finally said "

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"Bring me the Baron alive, but do what you want to the rest," said Capt. Purplebeard from the crow's nest. The pirates cheered in unison. "Dress-up!" They forced pillagees to wear

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This is such a shipwreck.

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