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Megan opened the door slowly, hoping with all her might that it wouldn't squeak. Mrs. Gordling was harsh at the best of times, but she might just blow a gasket if she caught Megan

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One day I will go to Dallas to see the rodeos.

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When you die, is it better to be an accountant in the mashes of Yuutan Bay's Blue Plate Special or is it better to be the ass end of a black ops mission that was going South so fas

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Free flight. Is that what they call it? When the noise stops and all you can hear is the air fighting the wings. When you hold your breath, giving the situation enough time to

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"I used to battle my little brother with nerf swords & always won. Check this. I'll never join you! You killed my father!" "We're not offering you Luke, we're talking about Jabba

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"Don't forget me when it's over," I said despite how useless the request was. I knew she wouldn't miss me, nevermind remember me. At least I can accep this, even though it kills me

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"Punishment run these in a high-school rallies." Tribec reads, the three contestants try to think of the Jeopardy question, Phil taps in, blurts out, "

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It was just another day for Deputy Sheriff Dick Blunt. He sat in his squad car on the side of the road, an empty box of donuts in the passenger seat. He'd been hearing reports of

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Vern the Amish guy had a duck growing out of his side and liked to lawn bowl nude with his uncle. I first met Vern back in

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Amelia slumped against the back of the seat, head turned slightly to face the car window. Her eyes glazed over as she stared outside at the passing streets. Everything had begun to

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