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"Unlike you, a bully- I'm a s u g a r pie h o n e y bunch."

Finished: 1/14/21 @ 19:41
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"Mother, when are our cousins expected to arrive?"

Finished: 1/13/21 @ 19:27
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I bet all of the money in my bank account that no one will continue this story.....

Finished: 12/22/20 @ 17:27
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i decided to go with my friends to the farm , when we got there, suddenly i smell something like hay burning when i look closely towards me i saw a alive scarecrow in fire......

Finished: 12/22/20 @ 17:24
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I woke up to hear knocking on glass. At first, I thought it was the window until I heard it come from the mirror again.

Finished: 12/25/20 @ 12:09
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Flotilla Bathos was languishing in the windowless desiderium one morning when the butler brought in her daily salmanazar of wine. "How is your prolapse today, madam?" "Chives, what

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Johann poured another cup of Gevalia, his oddly lusterless blond hair barely moving. Weyland-Yutani was really coming along on its line of Cafe-bots - the twitchiness that had mar

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Bubba lived in a trailer in Georgia. He was on holiday, watching telly and eating a packet of crisps when he realized something was wrong. "What in tarnation?!" He went outside to

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She could feel it calling to her. Much like she could feel her sisters searching for her every night. They had been hunting for what seemed like forever, but hadn’t come to release

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It was too much really. Precious memories was playing & I couldn't recognize anyone in the photo album. I needed help. I took the album and ran out the door. Only if anyone could

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