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Her life started like any other, she was born in a hospital. Her older sister waiting anticipating the arrival of her younger sibling. Then finally the anticipation was paid off.

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The two megabankers circled each other on the roof of Shanghai Tower. "Crumley, isn't it strange that eleven of us have had 'accidental' deaths in the past month?" Moore inquired

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Christian Louboutin Boots

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One day there were these fab girls walking down the PMS hallway. All of a sudden, a new kid walked around the corner. Man, was he cute!

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What do you fear? Heights? Spiders? Loved ones dying? Loneliness? Well, I don't fear any of that anymore. I can't fear it, because it's already happened. When we lived in Colorado,

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One fine afternoon afternoon I'm playing in a soccer friendly match and a sudden tackle came in and I .......

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Thick fog covered the valley, making it impossible to see anything more than a foot in front of him. George's eyesight was poor at the best of times. He squinted, moving slowly

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He drank whenever he could. He was a silent drunk. Hell, he'd been totally blacked out yesterday at work, no one knew. Once someone confessed that they'd killed their child to him

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My name is Katrina, and I'm destined to be a criminal. I was born and raised by criminals, and am the average screw-up. I'm fourteen and am already running from the law.

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The new restaurant, simply titled "( )*( )", intrigued us, was the talk of the town. The name wasunpronounceable, the menu eclectic ("Curried walrus in balsamic reduction" was one

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