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I was so relieved when my girlfriend told me she was pregnant. I'd been looking for a way out of the relationship and happened to be sterile. She didn't know this. Of course, she

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Okay you little rags in the dirt. Listen up because I won't repeat myself:

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A chemistry professor went on a date and then said "wow I'm in Au" Ba dum tss

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Clara slept in a semi-recumbant crouch on the floor, unable to get comfortable. Tired of her life as an overnight paralegal, she desired escape. What was so pressing that it requir

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Hi, Nice job last night - here are the lyrics to the FINALE When you see a guy, reach for stars in the sky You can bet that he's doin it for some doll

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Tammy was too tired to sleep...she hadn't had more than a few hours over the past eight days. Her room was littered with No Doze boxes and empty pill bottles once filled with

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"Today on Mythbusters: We team up with the Ghostbusters to see if Ghosts really do exist! And Adam eats Marshmallows. Lots of Marshmalows.

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The snow swirled in thick clumpy flakes. He stumped through the snow straining against the heavy load on his sled. At least noone was out to see him. He steered toward the creekbed

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"He's alive!"Shouted the mad scientist.He had just made a Dracula alive with mad science,with his small brain of his.Dracula rose up,look around and soon,3-headed Hellhounds enter.

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So i sat there, with ciaran young, and joe eller, eating chapstick, whilst sittin' on da toilet, AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FO' DAT!

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