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I was sitting wondering how many times you could drop your ipad before it actually, you know, broke for real. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a cat with wings chasing a robin

Finished: 11/18/19 @ 07:29
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Había una vez un chico que se llamaba Andrey y que no llevaba nada de ropa.

Finished: 11/17/19 @ 11:09
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Soon sinkholes began appearing all over Florida, and within a week, a quarter of state had disappeared to God-knows-where. It was then that scientists made the shocking discovery

Finished: 11/19/19 @ 22:34
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I sometimes wonder if I am eating a banana too loudly. Or maybe I’m swallowing water wrongly. Behavior that is far from the norm. Then I remember the norm is what none of us is.

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There is very little time left. 24 hours to be exact. If I don't shut it off the world will be destroyed

Finished: 11/19/19 @ 20:37
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Banjo Jo sat in his Ford holding the love of his life, Acetylene Candy. He'd won her in a Pick-Off the year before in Soddy Daisy, TN. Since then their riffs together grew sweeter

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I tend to evaluate my life decisions in long car trips. Tonight was no different, one single burden briefly illuminated by the alternating glow of street lights.

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It's not even a question of 'if', but really 'how often' do you see something that you know is there and then you look again and it's gone, or changed. That's

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Who here wants to try and take me?

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When the chief offered his daughter the interpreter told me this was an offer I couldn't turn down. "I am already married. Tell him that. Point out my wedding ring." "Why does that

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