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Twenty minutes. That's how long I have left until I find out the truth. Am I really made up of mostly water like most humans are or am I really just a bag of cockatoos? Either way

Finished: 2/5/20 @ 23:14
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It was a bright cold day in April, and the Mickey Mouse clock was striking thirteen.

Finished: 2/16/20 @ 18:44
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The big day was here. My parents were driving and I was in the backseat. I was listening to my favorite band on the radio trying to stay calm

Finished: 2/26/20 @ 08:43
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"Chah dude." said the surfer. His body glistened with sea water and he had that stupid look on his face. "That chick looks hot bruh." said the surfer to his friend. "Totally dude."

Finished: 2/22/20 @ 10:47
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A large proportion of society will keep paperclips in their desk top drawer. I like to do things differently when organising my office desk. I have a pig shaped paperclip dispenser

Finished: 1/27/20 @ 13:01
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I furrowed my brow to recall what I'd forgot. "Oh, right. Nonsense!" And with that, I engaged the phantasmagoric thingamajig, switched on the happenstance shvipten, and rocketed

Finished: 2/21/20 @ 05:29
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mayday mayday mayday

Finished: 2/13/20 @ 22:53
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India reluctantly put down her copy of 'Ravished by the Triceratops', & picked up her phone. Uh-oh, it was playing the Rocky theme tune. "Oh, Bert, it's you," she said with a certa

Finished: 2/20/20 @ 01:10
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The 14 year old teenage girl just found out that her best friend (crush) is now dating another girl. She was very sad but felt happy for him. She knew that is was probably because

Finished: 2/19/20 @ 13:11
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The night was colder than I expected, but I suppose that's what you get for walking barefoot in the snow.

Finished: 2/16/20 @ 13:17