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Fold 1.

Finished: 8/14/18 @ 12:30
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I backed away slowly from the woman. She was really starting to freaking me out. Despite what pop songs will tell you, "Shut up and dance with me" is not an acceptable pick-up line

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I remember the day when I went to the park. As I walked, I noticed how the rabbit and squirrel were eyeing the same piece of fruit, on the ground. I wanted to see who won, but

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pandora sølv

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The palace of ice had stood there all winter and now it was gone.

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If I saw ninety naked neighbours noisily navigate numerous networks in MY neighbourhood then I would surely

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I remember, a few years back, before all this drama, a certain family picnic. It was before Dad was the most wanted criminal alive, Mom was on the run for safety, and I, inocent me

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He bared the most adorable under bite that had ever been seen. Fuzz- like fluff surrounded his face and feet, all of the girls fell in love with him. Their favorite part was his

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My mother was a ballerina, and she was Going Places, but then I was born and she realized her true passion lay in making tiny origami statues.

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Your grandfather was injured in a freak elk hunting accident while reading 'literature' in the outhouse. Uncle Russes shot ricocheted off the elks antlers through the moon cutout

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