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Entry #47 ... I recovered the last tape from under the burned-out cabin. It was sealed in a zip-lock bag with "Operator" written in a sharpie on a post-it. I hope I can solve this.

Finished: 8/23/17 @ 04:33
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I'll just fall asleep, right here, in class. While the teacher isn't looking and everyone else around me is focused on the screen. I can finally start dreaming about

Finished: 8/22/17 @ 09:48
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Snowzilla crashed through the streets of NYC giving the scrambled air force jets a cold blast of his cryobreath as they strafed his massive shoulders.

Finished: 8/16/17 @ 01:13
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"I'll have the salad, thanks." "OK great, will that be with chicken or steak?" "No, no, the salad." "Right, yes. With freshly grilled chicken, or marinated steak?" "No you jackass,

Finished: 8/22/17 @ 19:06
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My hair stood on end, a shiver raced down my spine and a lump came to my throat. It was him. The mystery figure that haunted my inexplicable dreams every night. Why'd he choose me?

Finished: 8/22/17 @ 07:10
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One day a creative writing student called Clare had to give a presentation on useful websites for writers. She hoped the clever folks at folding story would be

Finished: 8/23/17 @ 04:58
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You are a D.A.P., a Depressed Anxiety Person.

Finished: 8/23/17 @ 13:58
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Quebec, November, Year of the Whisper-Quiet Maytag Dishmaster. I am thinking constantly about mice. Where do they live at night? Where do they come from that they invade my kitchen

Finished: 8/23/17 @ 14:40
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Varla Du Gong lay seductively in a puddle of seawater upon the baby grand. Detective Manatee flicked the smoldering butt of his cigarette into the ashtray, adjusted his fedora,

Finished: 8/23/17 @ 14:59
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There once was a girl named Shirley. She lived in a small town outside of Wichita, Kansas. There was something peculiar about Shirley; she had magical

Finished: 8/23/17 @ 03:36