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I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. I mean A LOT. Like a literal crap-ton. Do you even know how much that is? That's enough to distend an ox stomach three levels past engorgement

Finished: 5/14/19 @ 21:24
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I have been a security guard at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza for so long. But I am in danger of being stuffed into a suit by the animatronics.

Finished: 5/15/19 @ 13:07
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John was nervous about his audience with the pope, but he was sure he could convince him to sponsor Pabst Blue Ribbon. Why not pop a tall boy during mass instead of serving wine?

Finished: 5/8/19 @ 13:09
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Rick was a bundle of organs with a name. As a "human," he'd reached the hightest plane of existence by having rights and a dead-end 9-to-5 job. Lesser animals would kill for Rick's

Finished: 5/14/19 @ 22:13
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It was only when Chao Dao, the accidental AI of China, began to laugh as it batted away the attempts of the Shaolin monks and Overmind Resistance to get inside its mind that it rea

Finished: 5/17/19 @ 18:58
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Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey and 14 others will receive

Finished: 4/30/19 @ 16:21
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There I was... there I was.... there I was... in the CONGO!

Finished: 5/12/19 @ 17:36
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Stay tuned for another episode of ... When Penguins Turn.

Finished: 5/12/19 @ 16:15
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What is it with some countries that encourage the dehumanization of certain subsets of their society? This is the 21st Century. That these idiots can torture teenagers and openly

Finished: 5/1/19 @ 09:29
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Dearest Caleb, [enter][tab] Missionary work blows. The natives of Heekum Holkum won't stop poking my laptop. It's like they've never seen a non-touch screen before. I prayed for

Finished: 5/20/19 @ 15:02