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"Alert! Beyonce has broken her silence on the 'elevator incident'." Alert! Beyonce has broken her silence on the 'elevator incident'. Alert!.."

Finished: 4/3/20 @ 23:35
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A great deal of confusion could certainly have been avoided if the organizers of the inaugural skin cancer prevention awareness gala hadn't titled the conference: ForSkin!

Finished: 3/7/20 @ 23:01
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Floating toilets to bring humans safely to outer space were invented in the year 2014.

Finished: 3/21/20 @ 14:42
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I wanna be a brilliant geezer. It's what I aspire to. Right now I'm working on having enough life changing experiences. The tricky part really is surviving into old age to tell abo

Finished: 3/20/20 @ 05:26
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OMG... I just woke up in a room full of naked people. That's the third time this week it's happened. Then there was the cheesy fry incident. Clearly the LSD was beginnning to ta

Finished: 4/3/20 @ 11:23
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When you see a large, unmarked, red button, you probably shouldn't press it until you know more. Tom learned that the hard way, when he found one in the pantry of his new home. He

Finished: 4/4/20 @ 00:35
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How are lucky are we that the Second Coming is starting during a census year? The whore of Babylon has her G10 headed beast to ride upon. The McRib is here for a limited time only.

Finished: 3/20/20 @ 19:02
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When my hamster started having philosophical discussions with me over dinner, I knew it was time to sell him to the neighbors next door.

Finished: 4/3/20 @ 00:44
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She smiled and told him not to worry because they were trained professionals and he was in good hands . 'Now' , she asked Will , ' has your plane arrived yet ?'

Finished: 4/4/20 @ 01:52
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Mind reading is very real & anyone can do it. You just need total concentration & practice. Try it at your next family function. You'll need to stare directly at them for at least

Finished: 3/27/20 @ 20:26