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He used to get a Christmas card every year from the jolly old elf, but now their relationship was strained. "He never writes." muttered Krampus.

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All hope seemed to be lost. But that was not true. Because, where CAPTAIN MISSOURI is, hope is with him.

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Please, FS goddess, grant this story coherence & by your grace may this fold fruitfully spawn more folds of brilliant wit, erudition & other qualities tba at yr convenience

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Starship NX5-231 was conveying her human research crew through the Tergulian Sector when she detected the faint strains of Joteo Prang's cover of "Starfaring Stranger" on channel

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He told the women that Gabriel had told him that he was to father the new Messiah. He also told him that the demons also knew and would try to stop him. So he needed to have sex wi

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Ironically, it happened on a Thursday.

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Mozart faked his death so that he could do something else.

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If only there was a song for every room, every room a song, then there would be room for every song. A song for every rock, a rockstar for every song. Who thinks he’s a rockstar?

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Ashamed, I sped Veronica to the ER in my convertible. A banana was lodged in her throat. I warned her about practicing fellatio on fruit while laying down, but she didn't listen.

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Two days ago, Catatafish, of the Salmon School, was summoned by Lemmiwinks, hero of Mr. Slave's digestive sistem to help him kill his evil cousin, Sokratis.

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