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One night, when I was sitting outside on my porch chugging down another Iron City, the sky curtains drew back. A hand came down from the sky & pointed to the east. So I got up &

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It was Paris in the the Spring, or so we pretended on the FSS Mandible in that deep space reminiscent of pesticide. Buddy kept going on about one one colon one one, until he thrash

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Gigantic purple orbs crossed my vision, glistening opalescent fizzywigs buzzing morosely until the scent of refried beans recentered my attention on the very orange plate of tacos.

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I woke up and realized that this wasnt my own bed. What am i doing. I tried to talk but all i could say was: DEEZ NUTZ. at that moment i realised i was infected with Deeznuteritis

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Once upon a time a young girl in Felanitx got lost on her way home from school.

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Can you do me a favor and just hold on to these two sticks? Thanks. If you need me, I'll be behind the ballistic glass. Just wait for my signal.

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"Never mind me", Denis snorted, as Meryl banged the vacuum cleaner against his legs. If she heard him she didn't show it, but just continued on round the sofa and in front of the

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"Lord bless me sir!" said the three-eyed alien as it hover-walked up to Uncle Jesse. Uncle Jesse's eyes narrowed. "Cletus. Cletus Raybern, is that you?" The Alien extended his

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We've got miles to go before we sleep. "Miles to go before we sleep?" she asked frostily. "I thought I saw two roads up there, though. See the yellow woods?" I know these woods

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Wanna hear the most annoying thing in the world?

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