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Hi,my name is Steve. I was born in the suburbs with 2 working class parents, a sister & a 2 car garage. I have no real identity nor do I have a clue what I'm doing. Want to go out?

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Helen couldn't believe it when an Italian camper van pulled up in Vindolanda Roman fort car park.

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Hardy knew that fucker spilled that scalding water on purpose. But Laurel's dead, soulless eyes, the eyes of a killer, meant he couldn't hurt him directly. Oh god, did he know?

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A young married woman was burdened with the problems of married life and approached her mother. Her mother took 3 pots of boiling water. In one she inserted a carrot, in another

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Aquell vellet va al├žar-se del banc, va caminar cap el parc fins trobar aquella cova on tants moments havia passat de petit. Va entrar, va mirar els murs i es va posar a plorar.

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It was an amazing morning and everything was going out fine in my morning walks.Then from the no where someone pops out saying, " Hi Rachel, how are you?" The worst thing is that

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"ARE YOU READY TO ROCK?" The response from the audience was a muted, "Yeah, I guess so." "What happened to the head bangers?" wondered the lead singer.

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The Nodos put on an apron. The cake was done. It was a very big cake. It was baked in a relativistic jet emitted from a black-hole the Nodos had made, this quantum cake.

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I hate the summer olympics. The sound of the starting gun always sends me into a hyperventilating state of panic. You see, I was a High School cross country runner. No one could

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The ghost Russian cruise ship drifting off the coast of County Mayo lurched in the Atlantic swell. Its crew of cannibal rats scurried aft to survey the rocky shore. "Land ahoy, Cap

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