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You know people will always try to bring you down but you hold your head head high and stand for something.

Finished: 1/19/19 @ 19:23
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"A 24 hr bus ride to Tijuana Ricardo! What in Cojones are we gonna do all this time?" But Ricardo was prepared & pulled out one bottle of coke, one of tequilla and two plastic cups

Finished: 1/19/19 @ 08:44
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Before the cranial lobotomy, I was deeply depressed--manic. . .to the point of suicide. . .but, thanks to the handy work of Dr. Demented, and the staff at Psycho No More, I am

Finished: 1/21/19 @ 20:37
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Desperate for mockery, I head for the hives. I cry out "Dear bees! Did you know you can tell a tree's age by counting the rings inside its trunk?" I can sense the honey boiling in

Finished: 1/21/19 @ 13:00
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One, two, three. Four, five six. I want this to rhyme. Drumsticks.

Finished: 1/21/19 @ 13:00
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When New York's Macys unfurled the balloons for another Thanksgiving's day parade, no one knew what had been left in the back in 1924.

Finished: 1/21/19 @ 22:22
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The Sun screamed, and Barnes smiled. "Such a miracle, brethen" He muttered

Finished: 1/18/19 @ 17:00
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Why mercy me! Says right here I just won the $14 million dollar Nigerian lottery! Says it right here, see? Alls I gotta do it call this here number & give 'em my bank account num

Finished: 1/17/19 @ 18:41
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Liz had just finished folding her laundry when Wilt walked into the Laundrymat and shoved his head in the Tumbler she'd just used. She head a muffled "Ahhhh..."

Finished: 1/18/19 @ 10:48
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There was a little jellyfish that lives in the sea.

Finished: 1/18/19 @ 17:03