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Did you ever think hey I'm free.I can think what I want.Write what I want. Imagine how much room is up there? What if everyone felt like that.Just being heard. A voice in the fugue

Finished: 3/16/18 @ 18:03
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It was a sunny Sunday morning and I was so excited to spend the day laying out on the beach. All of a sudden it started raining skittles and my dad was made that much better.

Finished: 3/15/18 @ 23:36
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He dropped into the backfield. Looking for receivers in the endzone. He pump faked, passed to the open receive. A wail erupted, the QB saw that he'd just thrown a baby

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With a thunderous echo, the lock fell into place. He was confident the treasure room would never be breached. Readjusting his multi-hued robe, the old wizard shambled away.

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He did not live long, nor did he prosper.

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She pointed out the feathers, gags, & whips. Grandmama seemed to like those the most; she had a lot of them. She had her safe word tattooed on her lower back but we couldn't see it

Finished: 3/18/18 @ 20:12
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'Where am I?What's that noise?where is that light coming from?' The unknown penetrated his mind sending pins and needles up his spine. He veered down the dimly lit cave, listening

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I had a lousy sixty-three cents in my pocket, and I was thirsty. I entered the McDonalds and headed to the restroom; after which, I ambled over to the Coke machine and stuck my

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Back in college I started playing underwater hockey. Then when I was in Navy Seals I realized a team of dolphins could own the pool floor, so I quit the navy and

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My favorite VR world ejected me after 10 hours. "You need exercise, proper food and undisturbed sleep." All because I had never upgraded my body or gone completely digital like

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