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His fingers whizzed along the piano keys playing a dashing musical atmospheric pulse around the concert hall. What the crowd didn't know is that these were the notes of a magical

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Seven places I wanted to go before the end of this short existence were, Mongolia, Basc, Cameroon, New Zealand, Greenland, Iceland, and, Antarctica. But it's ticking down the time

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The drought was one for the ages, a threat to the five clans of Rukha. They each sent a matriarch to the Meeting of Trunks. Urhuum made a sign with her scratch stick in the clay,

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Omni schmeetna, dos brooach peevno. Calenti opposum snided crass fwatt-twats. "Vo inc ra meatta?" Calenti russed. "No," replied Thelma. "There is no way I'm gonna do that."

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"And now, by the power of Grayskull, I pronounce you Masters of the Universe!" They kissed and a thunderbolt struck the ground where they stood. A chasm opened.

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