Mrs. Comfrey rapped on the blackboard and listened. She drew a circle with her special chalk, and laid some salt in the chalk tray, as well as jalapenos, banana peppers, huevos rancheros, churros and a toothpick. "Alright class. This circle represents the infamous Bowl of Mexico, and these represent each of you, adding life to the bowl. Pablo, you are the -ater Man. As Theater Man Pablo you use your powers of drama and the "fourth" wall to combat stereotypes. But these stereotypes aren't just any stereotypes. They are the tools by which Pablo deduced who would leave a big tip, who'd leave a big mess, and who'd be caught banging in the back of the theater. He'd created a foolproof prediction system involving 32 geosynchronous satellites, a common housecat, and six strategically located canisters of Silly String. He gave the first humiliated couple an awkward hug; the patent wasn't the most sensible thing in the world, but it worked, and that's what mattered. This would be the first day of the rest of this happy couples new lives. Though perhaps the Incense burned a tad too fast, the kitchen smelled of oregano and sage. The kitchen gods were present but invisible, staying silent as they made a beef stew with vegetables. Carrot was very helpful, expertly cubing the beef as Celery made a broth from the drippings. Yes, they were carnivorous vegetables with culinary skills and the kitchen gods favored them. Until one fateful autumn night when carrot stick was pounding some beef and accidentally slipped and poked the mashed potatoes. Instantly, carrot felt a fervent vegetable spasm. All his courage slipped out a loose tendril into the Potatoes who were angry at the poke. Together with the beef they fricasseed the carrot."No more pounding or mashing!"



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Wow, started with food and ended with food. Ambika you’re psychic!

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This story was delicious.

3 BlastedHeath's photo

Sometimes the circle completes itself.

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