wanna hear a story? A storie like you've never heard before, a story so unbelievable you probably won't believe it, come listen to my story. it all began 18 years ago in a place ca lled Christmas Pie. Unbelievable I know, but bear with me 'cos this is WIERD! Anyway, I was only a few months old at the time, I know you're thinking UNBELIEVABLE, but really, I wa s genetically engineered in a lab deep underneath the Nevada desert as part of the government's "Project Kool" tests during the early 1980's. I had a purpose, a mission to quench the thirst of an America that had been ravaged by war. With all water-sources contaminated by the nuclear fallout, it was on me to provide a sustainable alternative. But something didn't add up to some. How was I able to come up with this technology just like that? The timing seemed suspicious to others. I had invented the tech & had thousands of production meetings, but, golly gee whiz, truth be told, I'm a total fraud! Yep. Like Steve Jobs before me, I'm a great front man and I know enough tech jargon to fool even the snarkiest of money hungry businessmen. My genius has gotten me far in the industry, yet I still feel the restless desire to succeed. Maybe it's something about the rush or the loss of organs- I don't know. Suddenly the phone rang. "Hallo, Organs R We," I chirped. "Hey, I've lost my organ," said a forlorn voice, "one moment I was playing a fugue, and the next moment, it was monophony in A minor." "Hold your kidneys" I piped in. "I'm sure we can locate your organ if you'll just describe the register and make, and send in your organ donor card." " Suddenly everything stopped. It was jarring! I looked up. The room was empty and silent. All that was left was a trail of urine that led out the door & a note: "Pee ya later."



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Beautiful Purple Prof. Lovely imagery! (sniffle) Reminds me of home….
Oh, And Slim Whitman - I did not recognize you at first with your snazzy new Avitar. Shiny!

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