I got a pocket o' beans, a pocket o' beans, a pocket o' beans and a snuffy snuff snuff... sang the third little pig. The third little pig longed for adventure after defeating the Big Bad Wolf. So, when he overheard some merchant trying to sell a kid magic beans, he foll owed him up the beanstalk to the Giant's castle. "Fee, fi, fo, fum, I smell the blood of a naughty pig!" Rumbled, the pig hid in the kitchen but Jack, annoyed his tale was hijacked ,lumbered back to the forest to find the Big Bad Wolf. "Yeah, Pig is hiding in Giant's kitchen.Now is your chance to nab him!", Jack tattled. "Just climb up the beanstalk & you'll get a nice surprise." The Big Wolf wasn't biting. He knew Jack was a liar and a thief. The Big Bad wolf would not bark up the wrong beanstalk. Instead the Wolf wondered how Jack's garden grew with shells and bells and cornstalks high up into the air and why the giant hasn't created subdivisions and put a Rush on all things of humanity. The kitchen sat on a bank and was full of game animals like venison, pheasant, squirrel, pigeon and rabbit. "Don't cook us or we will kill you!", they said. Sadly, the cooks died. It worked out though because their bodies fed all of the game animals. When asked if they were game they replied, "sure we're game." Some game animals were not too game after all. "I am the only game animal in Monopoly," said the Scotty Dog. Hearing this, the hunters immediately pelted him with bullets, which ricocheted off his little metal body as he laughe d himself into a hiccuping-barking fit. It was quite a sight, and contagious. The hunters began laughing uncontrollably. The Monopoly Man herded Scotty safely back into the box.



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My Gawd! What was I thinking??!!

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I figured it was just some sort of drug reference.

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