The green people were notorious for stealing tea from the aquamarine people. the aquamarine people considered themselves vastly superior to the orange people. The orange people however were a simple race, they did not use the fact that their skin was orange to elevate themselves about other, in fact they revered the other colors as wonderous beings and hoped to eventually unite with them. Prejudice based on color was such a primitive concept, and the orange skinned clan thought their species higher than that. But Garfield was one of the orange ones and he was totally prejudiced, ate lasagna and wanted to sleep all day on Mondays. So he was exiled off their planet to a blue planet. The blue planet was home to some blue mice, who became good friends. One day they had tea together while the old lady, who was part gnome and part elf, was running errands. They decided to play a trick on her. While the old lady was in the kitchen, the blue mouse sneaked into her bedroom and stole one of her slippers. The other blue mouse went into the cabinet to find some cheese. He was quiet ravished and was looking for something to eat, but only found stale crackers. Everyone knows blue mice are allergic to crackers. Blue mice can, however, eat blue corn chips, and luckily they found some in the trash can. Blouie had a recipe for blue cheese dip and started up the sterno as the others collected blue cheese dip. Blouie insisted it was to cold for her to go out but for us to keep care that we didn't let the blue cheese catch us or she might shed a tear at knowing us & all. Bluoie spent the rest of the night shedding a tear at knowing us & all, her favorite boy band.



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