Emotional baggage? She's renting a berth on a container ship for her assorted regrets, uncompromising grudges and vast self-delusions. She threw the emotional duffel bag onto the upper bunk. The tramp steamer set sail from her mired past to greener grass and pastures new. She was turning over the new leaves of her novel when who should she see but Ernest Thistlethwaite, ex flame. He had a holdall of feelings slung ove R his shoulder. One could hear the squealing of kittens inside, just waiting to get out. He opened his backpack. Out came Phoebe and her five adorable kittens. They meowed to her. And then assembled themselves in what could only be described as a huge golem made out of kittens. It produced an howling screech, that was actually a cacophony of a 1000 meows Each meow a meme in the voice that emerged at the higher registers of the human sense spectrum. The kitten made giant golem was telling us what it wanted. Prof. Loomis was able to ask Kalbin, son of Kalb, to cook a fine dish for the kitten-made golem. The catfood patty was so delicious, people started ordering it in restaurants themselves. Prof. Loomis had underwritten a restaurant or two over the centuries. Tastes were as varied as taste was. Prof. Loomis's involvement had a cachet in some circles and catfood patty cafes became hip. Oh sure, these burgers were not so destructive to the rain forests, but people began to notice, when the bins behind Prof. Loomis' Catfood Patty Cafe overflowed with little collars and the rather obvious corpses stuffed unceremoniously into trashcans. The Cafe was promptly closed and Prof Loomis was sent to a different bin - the loony one.



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Lulu isn’t going to like that.

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This story rocks! Admirable last line, Origuru!

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