Kara sighed. Her room mate was late. Again. She took out her phone and dialed her number. Voicemail. She dialed (123) 456-789 again and then waited. and waited. and waited and she didnt answer. again. hmmmm where is taehae?!?!?!?!?! she decided to leave without her. if she waited any longer, they would miss their plane to die that is not a nice thing to say. And everytime you talk to me like that a bit of me dies inside. Right now I'm trying to work out if there's any point in me still living. And then Greg laughed in her face. So she blew her coach's whistle in his ear. "Ow, that really, really hurt." She blew it again and this time a Puerto Rican band came around the corner, looking desperately for its drum majorette. She'd gotten too far out and the disappeared into the crowd. She might've come with a Puerto Rican marching band, but she wasn't Juana play for mMercedes. She always bought American. She jumped in her compact and turned the key, but the motor didn't turn over. Nova, she said, and jumped out to make a run for the Gremlin / Edsel dealer to get a GOOD car that didn't translate from Spanish as "doesn't go!" Unfortunately, a Toyota with a stuck accelerator struck and killed her.



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