Neon is great when you see it star star I see a star. "Nice use of analogy & repetition Carl" Mrs.W was happy at least one student completed the poetry assignment. Then Evan Grishmore stood & said "A grim raven crouched o're the moor And soon found peregrine falcons nesting nearby. Nona and Squawker said, "Hiya!" Mr. Raven greeted them back and flew back to his nest, where Mrs. Raven was waiting. "So, what's it like living in an abandoned mall?" Nona asked and motioned Squawker to take notes. They were totally going to get an A for this. "Hmm. Good question. I suppose it's like living anywhere else except it's an abandoned mall. Our bedroom is on the 2nd floor of the old Sears. The bathroom is on the 1st floor next by the Food Court." "You mean to tell me that there's no bathroom on the 2nd floor of the Sears store in the abandoned mall?" Fudgey the Whale gasped, "How did the employees stand it?" But the hobo didn't need to answer the question; he merely yanked down his trouser fly and let his slinky flip forward down to the floor. Fudgey the Whale guffawed, "I was wondering when you were gonna spring into my trap." Fudgey caught the errant slinky in one enormous flipper and flung it into the ocean, dooming it to an eternity of loneliness and rust. Suddenly, a harpoon shot out of the open zipper and homed in on the defenseless slinky. With a thrust of his hips and a smile on his face, he pulled the slinky back into his pants. But it was just for show, he told himself as he sobbed. He was 5 when he was press-ganged into the Devil's service, and not a day went by without him thinking about his mother.



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It’s quite obvious that his Mother abandoned him at birth; she refused to give up her job in show biz…you know, an erotic dancer in the Alice Cooper Show…so, he sold his soul (souled his sole) to the devil…

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Everyone loves a slinky.

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