Suddenly out of the mist I saw it. A giant goat clad in golden armour. I knelt before it and said the controller's incantation. It worked! With operation: Troll Begone phase II complete, I directed the giant goat clad in golden armour to the river's edge. Sure enough, the troll waved his failed bridge into smoke, and conjured forth a more enticing bridge for my giant goat in golden armour. TBH, I admired how his stubby, hairy fingers worked the glamoury of crochetry with two makeshift wands. My giant goat in golden armour yarnbombed in rainbow colours the troll that came growling from under the newly minted bridge. The troll was gobsmacked and bedazzled, and staggered woozily as he emerged from underneath the bridge. The giant goat continued the yarnbomb assault, in full psychedlic majesty. The yarnbombing became more and more elaborate. The goat started showing off his repertoire, knitting a wild mix of patterns around the troll's bridge. The troll became trapped in the goat's colorful yarn web. "Ha ha!" laughed the goat as the troll struggled to free itself, "Who's gonna stop me from crossing the bridge, now?" All the while, a giant spider above them in a tree was examining the goat's yarn web. Allowing for the spacing and frailty of yarn compared to a spider's web, it was remarkable. The potential! The Giant Spider Must have kidnapped and kept a goat as a sex slave in the past. Either that or it was the reincarnation of a mighty seamstress. So the legends were true. Leaping out from the trers , the creature (whatever it really was) appeared momentarily startled & then gollumped away into the dark night. Sad really, as far as legends go. Really only sew-sew.



1 LordVacuity's photo

Oh, to be yarnbombing & gollumping in the wabe.

2 Woab's photo

Was the web in the wabe?

3 LordVacuity's photo

I don’t know Woab, was the web in the wabe?

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