The ghost whispered "Who can hear me? I plead with the living, hear me and I will tell you the secret of how I died." A little girl, age 5 heard the ghost and Fled the scene, only to be arrested later. Apparently many thought I might be trolling FoldingStory by writing such short, conclusive folds, but the truth was stranger than any of us could know. At my trial it came out that short folds are charming, because they have the same effect as restarting the story, and it's delicious to ruin it for everyone else I like to write folds that completely ignore the previous fold because it's like making a poop. Hey everybody, look what I did! I don't care one iota about anyone else's folds. It's all about my own self gratification. Me, myself, and I...and the poop I create. Which is how I got the nickname, El Masturbator. I was exceptionally proud of my nickname, which confounded my coworkers at Arbys as they had clearly meant it as an insult. "That is how I take the power back, by using their own swords against them." Matt looked around at the men and then back at Bill. "Look Bill, or should I call you El Masturbator?" "I prefer 'Bill', thank you," Bill said as he casually put his calloused hands into his pockets. Matt sneered at Bill before turning back to the men. "Today we claim victory!" he He shouted. But, Bill would have none of it. “I’ll show you, Matt” he said “Nobody is claiming victory around here until everyone bows their head down and gives thanks to me for



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Damn. Did it again. Didn’t realize that mine was the last line.

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- not masturbating on them, at least for today.

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lol it started as a srs story but ended as a joke

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So we’ll never know what story that little girl came back with or what the ghost told her about how it died.

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5 year old, Female: arrested for [charges pending] Interogated by: sadfljla

I: you left the scene pretty quickly, little girl.

l: I didn’t like the scene.

I: What scene was that?

L: This scene.

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shows ambikawolf is off the site. wut?

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Oh, I, C. Thanks for your help Manatee for pointing me in the right direction.

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