[Ominous brass] [Clashing, discordant cymbals] [Cat Screech][Feet stumbling down stairs][Wilhelm Scream][Car crash][Hubcap settling][Glass ping] [Whizzing firework][Whooping horn][Wrestling bell][Pregnant pause][Another Wilhelm scream][Hard splash][Gentle rain patter] [Eagle screech][Horses galloping][Bugle call][Gunshots][Wilhelm scream][Weeping][Funeral march][Splintering wood][Death rattle][Wet rip][Splatter][Another Wilhelm scream][Fart] [Sprinting accompanied by rhythmic farting][Jaws theme music][Silence][Gasp of breath][Wilhelm wimper][Violins striking a note discordantly][Record scratch][Voice over] "And now a word from our sponsor." [Voiceover]: "Tired of your mother ruling your life? Whispering criticisms in your ear? Demanding EVERYTHING from you?"[Eyebrows lifting] "Try Bates' new showerknife!" [Gasps] "Guaranteed to kill mom dead or your money back!" [Thunderous applause] [Telephone dialing] "Hi, I'd like to order a showerknife." [Pause] "Norm Bates. 5239 P once de Leon Blvd., Miami, FL. [Sharp intake of breath] "That's my old address! What a coincidence, Mr., uh, Bates, is it? [Silence] "Mr. Bates? Was it a showerknife you needed?" "Nah, just a new nightie for mother." [Enter boutique owner] "Mr. Bates, this chic nightie just screams "Miami Vice." [Exeunt common and fashion sense] "Does blood wash out of it?" [Dramatic pause] "How about we find out?" [sound of chainsaw, scream, then queue washing machine] "Looks like it does! Hey, I think this design's a winner!" [roll credits]



1 KieferSkunk's photo

And that’s a wrap!

2 PurpleProf's photo

Excellent story…

3 KieferSkunk's photo

ARGH! I used the wrong “cue/queue” again!  *shame*

4 Zetawilk's photo

Anyone else catch the excellent Hitchcock marathons on TCM this past September?  I have to say it’s made me a fan of his work.

5 Zetawilk's photo

Also, foley is excellent.

6 lucielucie's photo

The 39 Steps is my favourite Hitchcock film.

7 Spacey's photo

I actually think this story would be really great if converted into an audio format. Anyone up to finding/recording all those stock noises and compiling them?

8 Chaz's photo

Done and done.


Note: That is my own voice. One minute “I Dream of Jeannie” a cappella is for rolling credits. I hope to add text and make it a YouTube video with everyone credited. Tell your friends.

9 SlimWhitman's photo

I was thinking, oh yeah, maybe i’ll get around to it… Chaz is the Flash!
When I listen there are regular interruptions of the sound. Anyone else getting that?

10 Chaz's photo

The site is kind of laggy.

11 Chaz's photo

There is a link to download the file if you have the time. I look forward to your remixes.

13 lucielucie's photo

That’s brilliant! - I didn’t have any problems with lagging. It’s nice to hear your voice, Chaz.

14 Zetawilk's photo

My remix would be Vincent Price literally reading the onomatopoeia around.  Oh, wait, but I think he’s deceased.

15 Spacey's photo

Whoa, I wasn’t expecting anyone to get to it that fast. That’s incredible. :D

16 buddyboy4711's photo

Awesome stuff, Chaz! Nice to hear a story come to life like this.

17 KieferSkunk's photo

Nice, Chaz!  Thanks for putting that together. :)

FYI, the lag on the download site is probably due to the file being an uncompressed WAV.  If you were to convert it to an MP3, it would stream just fine on most connections.

18 lucielucie's photo

Inspired by Chaz I read out this story:


and posted it but I don’t know if it’ll work or anything.

19 buddyboy4711's photo

Chaz and lucielucie, it looks like I’ll be reading your folds in those melodious voices of yours from now on.
I did a reading too. It’s from the depths of the oldie vault.


20 KieferSkunk's photo

Jumping on the bandwagon - here’s a reading of one my recent favorites. :)  Linked from http://foldingstory.com/o151w/

21 KieferSkunk's photo

...and another one at this story: http://foldingstory.com/fs9qm/

22 KieferSkunk's photo

...okay, I promise this is the last one for now: http://foldingstory.com/lz3aj/

23 Spacey's photo

Whoa, a whole bunch popped up. Good job, all! I might do a few myself if I have the time.

24 lucielucie's photo

It’s quite quick, spacey, if you have no production values (like me).

Thanks for posting the stories buddyboy4711 & KieferSkunk. I love them all & am happy to read as many as anyone wants to make…

Here’s another one…


25 lucielucie's photo

I meant ‘listen to’ not read…

26 lucielucie's photo


Another one… just me laughing, really.

I’ll try & control this… but I’m making no promises

27 Spacey's photo

I went ahead and jumped on the bandwagon. I think we may have started a thing.


28 Zetawilk's photo

No, technically it started with Folding Story Illustrated on YouTube, which was even in one of the newsletters, back when they had them.

29 PurpleProf's photo

FINALLY got to listen to your stories!  Loved ‘em… and your voices sound exactly as I thought they might.  Great job, everyone!!!  Hope to hear more soon…

30 49erFaithful's photo

Attempted a reading of this story:

Cheers & Go Niners!
-Faithfully Yours

31 sundancer's photo

OMG Chaz you’re hilarious… and amazing!

32 sundancer's photo

And P.S. GreenBanana I REALLY miss those newsletters, don’t you?? So sad that they got rid of them.

33 BlastedHeath's photo

Welcome to Foley Story ;-)  Nice work on the audio, Chaz!

34 Magic's photo

Chaz I just listened to your audio file, and it’s hilarious!!! I hope you’re still checking this thread of comments because I’m your biggest fan! :)

35 Chaz's photo

Wow! I’ve a fan! Gold star me! Thanks Magic!

(note: since this is the internet, I want to assure you the previous statement has not a single ounce of sarcasm and I will muster up as much sincerity as I can.)

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