I WANT TO SOME GUD BAKED BEAAAANS!!!! Too bad, they're mine now... mwahahahahaha!!! *steals all baked beans and eats them* I feigned dismay. "Oh, the beans! You ate ALL of the baked beans, you PIG!", while I was thinking to myself, "Hahaha! You fell for it!!!" In approximately one hour, he would emit fumes that'd render his surroundings uninhabitable- in the midst of a board meeting! -thanx to my doctored beans.I didn't know we'd end up being stuck in an elevator together. What a stroke of luck that I happened to have a gas mask in my briefcase that a socialite had given to me earlier that day, so I survived the smell, but the sounds coming from the dark dank forest will haunt me til my dying day. Those poor people their skin getting ripped off their bodies. There bones grinding into dust. I could no longer bear the thought so I did extensive research and came up with an ointment that would help their bones turn into glop instead of dust. I also did advise against entering the dark dank forest in the f orgotten mists. There were terrible things out there, in the trees, hiding beneath the cover of thick fog that never dissipated. With their bones all gloppy, they would have a ha rd time reaching the house in time. The pain had swelled more than he thought it would and he was having a hard time seeing straight. However sitting and waiting here wasn't an opt Ion given the golden horse he was on. This was no ordinary horse. Mr. Ed was given a permanent home in the old barn. Nothing like rescuing a stray horse in the year 2157.



1 JEThompson28's photo

When you inadvertently switch time, situation, and viewpoint in only 10 lines….

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But it really makes you think about what kind of wretched gas it was that was emitted in an elevator and yet tore the skin off people out in the forest. These beans were obviously far from being “gud”.

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Every baked edible bean is a gud bean B)

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