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Ah, a subtle Mario world reference, very clever. :)

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Hehe, why thank you! Adding letters to the last word can be a fun twist, so I’d been looking for a (somewhat) suitable opportunity to try it with ending punctuation; I saw maddienova’s ‘?’ floating there like one of Mario’s blocks and couldn’t resist.

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@ theGooB: Nicely fielded and finished!

4 theGooB's photo

Thanks Blasted.  I saw the subtle yet obvious mario reference and rolled with it.

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Yeah, I liked how you rolled it. Good teamwork! Nice story all around.

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Congrats to buddyboy for a very original fold of the month!

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Thanks, Slim! Now I can put a legitimate award on my mantle to replace this one:  ;-)

9 buddyboy4711's photo

...well, i’m certainly not the busiest…

Unrelated, but: I’m guilty of some serious Praise Oversight here. Great job by theGooB for justifying my wrench-throwing means. For real!

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In case you haven’t seen it, a fan has put this story in FoldingStory Vol. 2:

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