The last summer two best friends were about to start the trip of their dreams a European road trip. They had been planning the trip since they were 10 years old. They saw the travel magazines and they cut the pages of the places they wanted to visit, making a map for when they could do it.   How would they meet that goal? They had an idea! They started a project that they were passionate about in order to get resources to go to each of the cities they had wanted but there was a huge problem, something missing, the money. They start a founding, in five days they got the money but they were about to pay with their lives... They had no way of knowing of course but ignorance would never stop what is already in motion . So it was that the great beast went lumbering over the land, trampling barns and small shopping centers. Papu had a small Greek restaurant in the Piney Hills Min Mall, and could hear the mayhem and destruction on the other side of the mini mall as the beast tore down every building in its path. Papu remembered how Talus had been stopped & he had an idea. Papu knew it would take some improvisation because the mini mall didn't have a Shades Shack or a Hot Pretzel stand which he used to stop Talus's rampage of destruction back in 1979 . Papu didn't have much to work with, but in the end, he managed to patch together something resembling an Orange Julius & hung a little sign: "Now Open!" Much to his surprise, his juice bar became the hangout for locals. He added a stage for singers to perform all day, it became so popular he had to change his hours to accommodate all the new business.



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So was the beast subdued by an Agave & Lime smoothie?

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Always works for me.

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