"Hihihihihihihi" said the spammer, still developing into a fully grown foetus. The scientists were shocked though, was it trying to communicate something? Something other than "hi" ? No, no it wasn't. It was just a regular spammer spamming a few 'hi's in the hope of.. in the hope of..? Actually, what is the point of that? The NSA General looked at the Big Data coming out of FoldingStory. "Great Scott! They're being invaded by Chaos-driven SpammerBots! Call the Homeland Security Rangers!" I attempted to call the Homeland Security Rangers, but I made the mistake of abbreviating them to "HSR", then accidentally called HomestarRunner.com instead. That didn't help much. My followup email did get edited to be used by Strongbad to make fun of on his "show". The Cheat even torched a picture of me that they got somehow. I felt the heat. I went back to digging up dirt on Scientology. Strongbad was strong medicine which I took cold turkey from scratch. I went from 0 to potato in a flash. All that from being roasted by two cartoons and attempting to read anything by L. Ron Hubbard. My brain was now some sort of starch, which (when mixed with clarified butter) was being served as a tedious side dish with sprigs of single use plastic parsley. "I cannot concentrate under these conditions!" I silently screamed as my starch-brain was digested by a trio of scientologists. How could I have been so naive to think i could convert them from the inside. As soon as i learned L. Ron Hubbard had the largest private navy, i was convinced of all his majesty. Then, the voices in my head came back, SCREAMING,"Lock Her Up! Build the Wall, fence, baby gate, anthill." L.Ron Hubbard ran away, & the man in the MAGA hat stood over us like god!



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That’s a vision that keeps me up at night…a rich (not as rich as he claims he is) narcissistic twit has invaded my computer…his ads keep popping up on my YouTube page. Doctor Ruth…can you help me?

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Ziss too, zhall pass. -Dr. Ruth

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