Margins in art textbooks are intended for doodles, not notes. As "Italia: Dove i Nudi Sono Grandi" was handed down annually, its stunning pen collaboration outstripped "David" and "Goliath." Now this is saying a lot. Davey and Goliath is a 1960s stop-motion animated children's Christian television series. Which is why, with your funding, I want to bring it up to date for kids now. I propose a CGI reboot called "Davy Goliath Go!" Cartoon Network already signed on. I've got the app and the videogames, see it's fun to decap Goliath with a swipe, and here's my plan for merchandising, and the screenplay for "Davy Goliath Go, The Movie." My next Move will be a pop up store each month between now and Christmas. There are enough closed stores with absentee landlords that it allows squatting. And I have a computer at home. So I know how difficult this might be for you to comprehend but I've lived the future you've chosen today and you don't want it. Throw that computer out and squat in your own home! Eat beets for breakfast! Make goggles out of old CDs! Change your name to Murphy and rub hot-sauce on your pants! Stand on your roof and howl like a werewolf in heat! Name your Favourite Aunt and I'll roger her in front of ya!" "So..." I began after a short pause. "You're saying there's NO cure for coronavirus?" "Ha, that, it's all just anti-Coors propa- no ebi, no guru. no palabras." Actually, I had something to say about that, but decided not to. Or was that me who decided? Let's just say that life is mysterious sometimes.



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StigMartyr- thanks for keeping it current!

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