Top Folds

1 CBethM's photo CBethMthe flames rising from what had been his rental car, a sensible compact he'd picked up only hours ago at the airport. His mind raced. How was he going to explain this to38
2 OldestLiving's photo OldestLivinghis air valve was covered in lipstick. At last she rose and left her beloved inner tube to lie peacefully. And she promised herself she would never tire again.36
3 dogtrax's photo dogtraxIf ever there was a time to use his cell phone, this was it. But he had left his charger at home and the phone was dead. He squinted down the road and could just make out35
4 kenobi's photo kenobito know how to handle this crate. "Everybody buckle up and put your head between your legs" I flipped a couple of important looking switches. "and don't call me Shirley."33
5 lucielucie's photo lucielucie[Ominous brass] [Clashing, discordant cymbals]31
6 Chaz's photo Chaz[Cat Screech][Feet stumbling down stairs][Wilhelm Scream][Car crash][Hubcap settling][Glass ping]30
7 GreenBanana's photo GreenBanana[Whizzing firework][Whooping horn][Wrestling bell][Pregnant pause][Another Wilhelm scream][Hard splash][Gentle rain patter]29
Spacey's photo Spacey[Eagle screech][Horses galloping][Bugle call][Gunshots][Wilhelm scream][Weeping][Funeral march][Splintering wood][Death rattle][Wet rip][Splatter][Another Wilhelm scream][Fart]29
KieferSkunk's photo KieferSkunk[Dramatic pause] "How about we find out?" [sound of chainsaw, scream, then queue washing machine] "Looks like it does! Hey, I think this design's a winner!" [roll credits]29
10 geoff's photo geoffmade him feel kind of special. Like the first time you notice a girl looking at you. Being followed was nerve racking, but this was the most attention he'd received since28
SlimWhitman's photo SlimWhitman[Sprinting accompanied by rhythmic farting][Jaws theme music][Silence][Gasp of breath][Wilhelm wimper][Violins striking a note discordantly][Record scratch][Voice over] "And now28
jefforama's photo jefforamaonce de Leon Blvd., Miami, FL. [Sharp intake of breath] "That's my old address! What a coincidence, Mr., uh, Bates, is it? [Silence] "Mr. Bates? Was it a showerknife you needed?"28

* Folds with tie scores are listed in the order in which they were submitted.