She could feel it calling to her. Much like she could feel her sisters searching for her every night. They had been hunting for what seemed like forever, but hadn’t come to release the hounds until now. They were restless and eager to get under way, racing ahead as the sisters walked together down the path. She could sense them coming. She knew that she was being hunted too, but she wasn't about to take her chances. Within minutes they had all been torn to pieces by the dogs and the dead handler's secret, whatever it was, was safe ly passed to the another world. A world where the dogs where the masters, and the humans where the pets. There were seeing eye humans, stray humans, circus humans and hot humans, served in a bun. "It's a real human's day," dogs utter, & wipe sweat from their foreheads.& in the Back to the Future remake, Doc Brown is killed by "Mad Human" Tannen. "It's like everything today is the other way around or something!" shouted a man from his balcony. "Hey you in your bassment" said a pacifist hippie looking a lot like Hitler. He seemed to be both dancing the frug and goose-stepping as he crossed the piazza to where the bass pouted up from the small window in the foundation. "What do you call that move?" "This little dance? Tis nothing, I only bring it out when I don't care what i look like. I call it the Coup d'état. I've danced it in countless capital cities around the world." He then kicked his legs and sung, "A coup d'etat, a coup d'etat, a coup d'etat-tat. A coup d'etat, a coup d'etat... etc" and the whole world clapped and fell to their knees before him It was a stone-cold coup d'etat; I never realized until years after my father's passing that it was my actions that led him to mistakenly beat my older sibling. The void beckons.



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Wow! Wow!!! perdy’s line cracked me up, and Zeta managed a blind return to possibly the siblings mentioned in line one. Love it!

2 Zetawilk's photo

This definitely feels like one of the deeper stories that we’ve creased out.

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