Some people think that it is awkward for 53-year-old men to listen to Britney Spears' Greatest Hits album repeatedly while furtively but furiously hoping for a sign. Others know that it's the only path to wisdom endorsed by my personal life coach, who must be the wisest of all the life coaches, because I'm paying him a lot of money. When I ran out of money my life coach gave me a credit plan with an adjustable interest rate. I had almost discovered what my real problem was when I ran out of dough. I asked my life coach if he could give me one last piece of advice for free, otherwise I'd surely perish penniless and problem-ridden. He submitted, and that's when I discovered that I was a character in a FoldingStory. My life ambition would change to the fates many writers directing me in their mecurial ways. Suddenly, I was riding a horse. The horse was a magic pony with big apple-like wingies and it jumped and leaped every so high! Then it got hungry and Chaz watched uselessly as it started grazing on story folds! Det. Manatee, who realised his stories where being eaten by My Little Pony, decided it was time for some action. But the magic equine was too big, so he called on Secret Agent Michael Scarn for some timely equicide. Manatee cheered as he unsheathed his anti-charm, XR-20 dagger. My Little Pony countered by fluttering her eyelashes, but Scarn was umimpressed by Stella's equine charms preferring thoroughbreds, so Scarn unholstered his Donkey-strength X100 TASER. Meanwhile Manatee shuffled towards us with his dagger. But both Scarn and Manatee were stopped by a newly deputized TSA agent on steroids. They were hastily stripped of all crime-fighting gadgetry. The terrorists had already won.



1 SlimWhitman's photo

Well, that’s rather a nice Story within a Story. It’s like the house of mirrors.

2 DanMars's photo

indeed! And it flows pretty well too

3 sundancer's photo

Probably one of the best stories I’ve read on here in a while!

4 murielschipp's photo

Congrats on this month’s Featured Fold people!!

5 Bad.'s photo

+1 for the Perfect Dark reference, buddyboy.

6 buddyboy4711's photo

Has there ever been a more OP gun than the Farsight? It can probably handle some ponies.

7 Zetawilk's photo

Wow, I made a reference about something I didn’t know existed at the time.  In fact, I don’t remember anything about writing that fold at all.  Either I’m Theseus’ ship personified or I don’t know what.

8 buddyboy4711's photo

May your sails stay white, GreenBanana!

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