I was sitting staring into space thinking about all the dead bees. Suddenly I made the decision to do something about it. I jumped up and pulled on my trousers. Pausing only to gra b a honeycomb from my beehive. Little knowing the queen had crawled there to die. I munched on it intent on fighting Colony Collapse Disorder when she pumped me full of pheromones. I decided to take a break from "relationships." After what happened to the other guys in this hive, it seemed like a good idea. The queen was pushing her love stink all around and it seemed like every bee in the place was trying to get near her. Not me. I wasn't falling for that old trick again. The queen looked over and noticed my defiance. "Send me that bee!!!" She demanded. The worker bees grabbed my antennae and yanked me to her. "Your Royal Highness?" I bowed. "Give me children!" She ordered. I tried to fly away but but with her swollen abdomen she encased me in her folds. I buzzed and struggled, but to no avail. So a smothering death is was to be my end. But then she loosened her grip and whi Le she did that, another line of a folding story was squirted out, like ointment. Thus the randomness of this line I fold now has cat hair all over it. My cat folds stories too! Then she covers them in kitty litter whether she is dead or alive. Every single time. Regardless of dilation. I took a cat's whisker and set a fine Captain's table. I polished my m -anhood until it shone, but she covered that in kitty litter, too. Arrrggghhh. Wif me head hanging low, I went to the poop deck for a poop. It, too, was covered in kitty litter. I looked everywhere, searching desperately for a spot, circling, mewling. Finally, I just squatted where I stood &.... Ah, relief! She screamed & threw me overboard. 8 lives left.



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