Rules Shmules was Donny Tugnip's policy. If Donny could get away with it, he'd try anything. Didn't even have to profit from it. He'd go around breaking rules indiscriminately, just to satisfy his every whim. He also happened to be one of the nation's most notorious con artists, attracting the attention of the FBI's J. Edgar Hoover. Which is something you didn't want because Hoover was so obscene that he makes sick puppies look as healthy as a horse. So this thin spindly con man had to hide from the FBI. Hiding in the mirror universe he created a shell company, IBF (Intentionally Bad Felons), which was a tax shelter for Upside Down Pyramid, The open secret was that Upside Down Pyramid was actually made up of nine pyramids, some not upside down. Only the Upside down one in the center was visible in every astral plane. Tai knew Etemon would rip open the space between the Digital World and the real world. Bravely he strutted forth, calling forth his partner by his side: a giant cyborg dinosaur known only as Skronk. As Skronk's steel talons tore through the fabric of computer space, Etemon laughed and Tai wept. The Pixel Pixies were at last rendered real, and skipped to the loo. The first thing the Pixel Pixies learned about the real world was that poop happened. Once the Skronk saw that they'd been released, it to emerged into the real world. The Skronk also found out that poop happens. The real world was shitty. The Pixel Pixies felt the same way. The gateway was gone. They were trapped in the real world.



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The poor schmucks!

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