Amber, after some thought, updated her a Facebook status --OMG why do hot guys go for ugly girls? :( :( :( -- And with this status, Amber single-handedly brought the world's largest social network to its knees. Her message was the straw that broke the camel's back, and she alone would face the wrath of Prince Alibaba, to whom the camel belonged. Amber had no idea that her Facebook post had prompted a full-scale world war. In less than 12 hours, her neighborhood was having a block party for July 4th. Amber stole one of the boxes of wine and stole to the roof with Leo. Amber and Leo got loaded and that's when they saw Prince Alibaba's flying ca R made in China. It was a 1948 Buick. It still worked, unlike my 2005 car. Amber and Leo were stranded in cyberspace until their laptop crashed. Then they returned to reality. They returned to reality just as I was on the phone with Emergency Services reporting their disappearance. Amber & Leo looked much older, like they really belonged in a 1948 Buick. Leo was hunched over a wooden cane and Amber wore librarian's spectacles on a chain around her neck, though she still squinted as if she were looking into the midday sun. "When did we get old, Leo?" Amber asked. "When didn't e get old?" he answered. From the kitchen the tea kettle whined, but neither moved to fetch it. When Death arrived at the door Leo and Amber left him standing on the porch. Apparently Death couldn't read. They had a "No Solicitation" sign by the doorbell, and "No Trespassing" signs all over the property. B y the scruff of his neck did the truant officer drag Death to Mrs. Blake's 1st grade English class, sole adult among 25 gradeschoolers. "Who's home when *I* need to die?" he mused.



1 KieferSkunk's photo

And it all began with a single Facebook post.

2 LordVacuity's photo

We don’t know for sure that the Facebook post was single.

I’m just saying.

3 IceSquad's photo

For all we know, the post could be married and looking to have an affair.

4 KieferSkunk's photo

That would be a sad state of affairs, wouldn’t it? You might even say it’s… Complicated.

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