I road into the village on a pig. The pig's saddle was one that I found in a cave earlier. I had no control over this pig, nut just let it carry me wherever it wished. The big trough sale on the village edge distracted him. "We've been here for hours, Pig Steed the Noble. I really must get to the jail," I begged. But he kept comparing wood finishes and knob colors and couldn't decide which umbrella to buy. I didn't know why even wanted an Umbrella! But as we finally left, it started to rain and we hid under Pig Steed the Noble's floppy pink ears, as he kind enough to shelter us. It was a tight fit, so we had to squeeze in and cram ourselves together. Once or twice our feet slipped and we stumbled into a stumble-bum who was looking for change off the street. I told him to watch where he was going, to use the restroom, not on my leg pal. Thank god Floppy Pink Ears were Surrounding me. My pet rabbits were trained like dogs, so they took turns guarding me. The police were scared of them too. So I never was ticketed again. I became a rabbit too. I wore a giant rabbit suit when I drove my pink convertible, with a big playboy bunny on the hood, my doberman rabbits rode on the backseat & the police kept their distance from all crimes comitted in the vicinity & focused entirely on ME:"Exit your vehicle & keep your paws where we can see them!" "What, officers, is it illegal to wear a rabbit suit?" "Shut up, Harvey. Make your foot lucky & hoof it out of here as I dance a jig to distract them", said an invisible Jimmy. My name wasn't Harvey but I still did as instructed. Cops suddenly burst through the doors. I bolted, and Jimmy danced his jig. But he was invisible, so they weren't distracted, so they captured me. Looks like my foot wasn't really lucky.



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