The pianist took a bow, but the audience wanted her to continue playing. They wanted an encore. Excited, the pianist returned to his piano. It was his time to shine. He began chopsticks with variations in D minor. He then followed by his improvisations on Little Miss Muffit's concerto. What he could do with a toy piano with painted-on black keys was causing earthquakes all over the world. When authorities pinpointed the cause, they quickly locked the prodigy up in maximum security. That's when he started drumming, which caused minor seismic activity for 50 miles all around his prison. They ended up having to put the prodigy in a straight jacket & sedated or risk the countryside collapsing in on itself. Meanwhile, the weather men, who had not been informed of the sedated, earthquake causing prodigy in the nearby prison, were all freaking out. Earthquakes? In North Dakota? They started blaming the oil companies that were fracking all over North Dakota. Oil was booming in the state thanks to fracking. The imprisoned earthquake prodigy stayed a secret. Until today. At exactly 2:17 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, the "prisoner" was set free by Mother Earth. Almost immediately the rumblings began from deep within the earth's mantle. It turns out that the prisoner was Barnes, the sun destroyer and he had buried an anti-solar weapon in the earth. The planet split open, revealing a giant glock pointing at the sun "Today is the day when the day will no longer be day!" Barnes cackled maniacally as the weapon began to charge. A bright beam then shot towards the sun. All seemed lost until an errant hand mirror floated between the sun and the weapon and reflected the beam back into the gun, annihilating it and Barnes's dreams in the process.



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What guardian angel put that errant mirror out there in space?

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