Sad but truth.Nail polish all over her wedding dress.Her motter told her not to leave it hanging there uncovered!Why did she have to retouch her nail so close tothe fucking dress?U 2 was to blame, with their incessant electric rhythm guitar thing and then the nail polish fumes made her feel floaty, she got the paint all over her wedding dress. But what if she just took it all off and let her light shine through. She'd had a recurring dream about laying down some wicked guitar licks while playing naked in front of her family. The alarm bells should have started ringing. But she just let things simmer. OnThanksgiving, when the pecan pie was gone, she tore off her clothes, hit play starting Eddie Halens Eruption, & Became a human volcano. The world was supposed to end on 12-12-12, so she didn't care. There was ash all over the house and I had no idea how to clean it up. I asked my mum, who worked in the Volcano Research and Development Department, the best way to remove ash stains. She raised an eyebrow. "The house better not be a mess when I get home." Her house was neat as a pin when she got home, except that it was completely submerged in now-hardened lava. "You boys had better be doing your homework!" she yelled down the chimn ey (the only open entrance to her home). "No time for homework, Mum!" the two boys gasped in harmony. "It's too dark in here!" declared one. "And quite impossible to breathe!" said the other. He reached behind himself attempting to open the flue further. The flue was flawed and followed Fatima Falala's dictum: Fleas fly, flies flee. Their Mum was besides hers elf to keep them out of her Geritol. Flavor Fave smothered the fleas and flies in fudge flavored flan but one fly got away. It was Famous Freddy Furfalfias, The Farrior Fly.



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Gosh what a journey

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